Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s." - Bernard Moitessier

So today I decided to post a few of my other favorite nautical themed items from Etsy. Which one is your favorite? Erik thinks Jon Jons are not "manly enough" for his son. Haha! He said I can only dress him "cute" for one year. But I think he will learn to love them once the little guy comes along.  In the meantime I am buying a few Jon Jon's in 2T's so I have an excuse to dress him "cute" for awhile! ;) 

Little Crab Beanie! 
Check it out here! 

Squid Onesie 

Whale Jon Jon 

Sailboat Jon Jon 
Check it out HERE! 


  1. Awww!!!!!! All of those are so adorable!! That crab beanie is so precious!!! :) If we had a boy...or even a girl for goodness sake, my husband would have them all decked out in camo. LOL

  2. Who ever knew crabs could be SO cute!! I love that little hat.

  3. Love the Jon Jons. They are just precious! Hope I have a boy one day so he can wear some. :)

  4. Love the beanie and the onesie! Adorable. :)

  5. How cute are those jon jons at the Classic Baby?!! I have bought a lot of smocked bubbles and jon jons for my crew, but never from Etsy. Thanks for the tip! (That beanie is adorable too, BTW!)

  6. Those are all adorable! The squid onesie made me squeal!!


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