Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Talk!

"Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God." -Barretto

So I found out a little late that I was preggo. It was really a huge blessing, because my body seems to handle pregnancy wonderfully. But it also gives we a whole lot less time to prepare. I wrote a few blogs over the past few weeks that I decided to hold off on posting. We wanted to tell as many of our close friends and family the news in person, before I put it on the Internet. So over the next few days I am going to post the blogs I wrote in the past. Hope that makes sense. :)

My friends, Lucy and Ben, found out recently that they are having TRIPLETS!! What a blessing! I mean I am kind of jealous. Rather than 27 months of pregnancy, Lucy only has to go through 8 months. And all the babies seem to be very healthy! She started an ADORABLE baby blog, and she fills out one of these questionaries every week. She is only 14 weeks and she already has the CUTEST baby bump! Seriously adorable. So I am hoping mine comes along soon. I haven't really had the "normal" pregnancy symptoms. No cravings, no mood swings (yet), I was sick for about a week and a half. But besides that, it is hard to really grasp the fact that I am having a baby so soon. So I think once my bump comes along and I can feel the baby kick, it will start to feel "real." Anyways, I decided to steal Lucy's lovely questionnaire and I am going to fill it out weekly too! 

How far along? almost 18 Weeks

How big are babies? Head to rump, my baby is about 5 1/2 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper) and he/she weighs almost 7 ounces. 

Weight gain? Not much. Less than a pound. I think my upper thighs look fatter and my gut looks like I drank a few beers. But I am hoping I will "pop" soon. I want a baby belly! My momma didn't show until 5 months with me... so maybe in a few weeks? 

Strech marks? Nope...

Maternity Clothes? Nope, all of my clothes still fit me. I went ahead and bought a belly band. But I actually seem to fit everything right now. The photo above was taken Saturday.

Sleep? Too much! I already LOVE to sleep. Now I even take naps. But I feel great for the most part.

Best moment of the week? Getting my blood work results and finding out that the baby is healthy!! Going home to SC and visiting our family and friends. We had a great time with Kent and Marisa at the Steeplechase and we finally shared the big news with some of our close friends. 

Food Cravings? Not really. I still want to stop and get a cheesy gordita crunch every time I drive by Taco Bell... but I did that way before the pregnancy! I crave ice cream, candy, and chocolate covered strawberries. But again, that has been my typical cravings for my entire life! Haha. 

Gender? We find out TOMORROW!! 

Movement? Not yet. I think that starts happening soon though! I hope.  It hasn't really hit me that I am this far along in my pregnancy. I think once the baby starts moving I will really start getting excited! 

What I miss? Eating chicken!! Chicken is one of my favorite foods and now it makes me sick when I even think about chicken. It is driving me crazy!!! But I managed to eat two Chick-fil-a mini chicken biscuits this week. So maybe I have convinced my body that Chick-fil-a chicken doesn't count in this strange chicken sickness.

Belly Button? Innie

What I am looking forward to? Finding out if it is a boy or a girl!

Milestone? Our blood work came back and everything is ok!! I was pretty stressed out last week waiting for the results. So it feels great to know that the baby is healthy and we can share the great news with everyone! 


  1. I am so happy for you and you husband. It truly is one of the most wonderful times and the greatest blessing. Are you going to post the gender? Hope so. I found out and was very happy to know. Somehow I felt a little more connected to the baby. Sound weird? Plus, I had so much fun shopping and getting the nursery ready.

    I had to laugh a little about your dislike for chicken. I had the same thing happen to me. Couldn't look at it and couldn't smell it without getting sick to my stomach. Weird because it's one of my favorite proteins.

    Anyway, congrats again. I look forward to reading about all your pregnancy milestones. The first kick is amazing! :)

    BTW...Love the Lilly dress! :)

  2. I didn't show until around 22-24 weeks...It was literally like I went to bed with not much of a belly and woke up with a huge one! It's crazy. Showing that I was pregnant was not a gradual process for me at all. I remember going in to work the next week and people being like..."Where did that come from?!" So you will show soon and no matter how fat and unattractive I feel some days...feeling her do flips in my stomach and kick makes it all worth it! Good luck with everything! Can't wait to find out what you guys are having!

  3. G'mornin'!

    The weekly food comparisons are HILARIOUS! Some are so ridiculously off the wall. I finally got to "small watermelon" yesterday.
    I didn't know for 2 mos that I was prego. My GP diagnosed me with the SWINE FLU when I went to her when I was sick! (ps: she's since been replaced..ha)
    SOOO EXCITING you find out gender tomorrow!!!

  4. So exciting that you find out the gender tomorrow!!Congratulations!


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