Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Last week (yes we are VERY behind) we finally went and got a Christmas tree. We wanted to go up to North Carolina and cut one down but we were pressed for time so we decided to go somewhere local. We found a cute tree farm in Greenville called Elves Christmas Tree Farm.  It was great! We normally buy a Fraser Fir and they had some available that were pre-cut but we decided we wanted to cut our own and go with a local type of tree. We ended up with a Leyland Cypress. It has a beautiful shape! We really love it. I highly recommend checking out Elves Christmas Tree Farm if you live in the Upstate! It is fun to enjoy in the old Christmas tradition of choosing your own Christmas Tree in the field. They always offer FREE Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Candy Canes and free hay rides are on the weekends.

Here are a few photos from our adventure. It was such a gorgeous place, next year I want to do folks family photos at the tree farm!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Canaan Smith's "We Got Us"

I just downloaded in awesome new song off iTunes! It is by an incredibly talented friend of our's, Canaan Smith. Erik and I became friend's with Canaan years ago when we lived in Nashville, TN. He is one of those great guys that you really want to see succeed. He has already had a very successful song writing career. He wrote, "Runaway" by Love and Theft.

He has opened up for several great musicians including Vince Gill, Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker, Corey Smith, Gavin DeGraw, and LeAnn Rimes.

Check out Canaan's new single on iTunes HERE!  Buy it, listen to it, love it!

Here is my song review:
It rocks. 

Harper and Canaan. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fun Giveaway

Beautie & The Belle is hosting an awesome giveaway. It is hosted by Marley Lilly. Marley Lilly has awesome monogramming and personalization gifts. Here are a few of my favorite things on their website.

Beautie & the Belle is giving away a monogrammed scarf. It is so cute. Check it out here!

Christmas Family Photos

A few months ago, Pasha Belman Photography had a family photo contest. The winner received a free session with Pasha and a disc with all of the images. Our family won! Thanks for all of your help. We really appreciate it. The photos are incredible.

I have followed Pasha on Facebook for quite a while and I absolutely love his work. His lighting is very unique and his beautiful wife helps with the artistic direction of his shoots and she is very talented! Check out his incredible work here! 

Here are a few of the photos from the shoot! You can see the photos better is you click on them.

There are actually a ton of other pictures I love from this shoot. I will try to share more this week. In the meantime I am off to watch some football. I am very disappointed with the Bills performance for the second half of the season. I am personally not a huge fan of Fitzpatrick. And I really hope we go for a solid QB in the next draft but knowing our draft selection we will probably have horrible picks. It is rough being a Bills fan! Ha!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Harper's Little Man Nursery!

I am a delinquent mama. We moved several months ago and I never posted photos of Harper's new nursery. We call this room his "little man room" because we decided to go more classic and less baby. He was already 6 months old when we moved so it didn't make sense to me to do another themed nursery. I wanted something that he could grow with. Harper's sweet Nana gave him a giant giraffe for Christmas and it is the perfect final touch for his room. I still have a few more crafty projects up my sleeve for fun decorative pieces that I want to put on his bookshelf but I think it is pretty much as close to finished as it will ever be. It could be years before I have time to do daily craft projects again!

  • The crib is by Baby's Dream and it is the Legendary Safety-gate Crib is espresso.
  • The wall decal is by Back-40-Life. It is a wonderful Etsy shop with lots of fun decorative decals. The family that owns the shop is actually local. They are from Greenville, SC! 
  • The bedding is "Master Blue" by Hoohobbers. We love the pale green, blue, and beige combo. 
  • And we have a sleep sheep on his crib. I recommend this for every expecting mother. Harper still loves it every night. It is a cuddly plush toy that provides soothing sounds to help your baby sleep. We got the travel version because we are always on the road.

  • The glider is by a company called, "Four Seasons." The green fabric was a perfect match so I was thrilled! And it is a slipcover. So if Harper decides he hates green one day, I can just change the cover and not have to worry about buying a brand new chair!
  • Our sweet friend, "MiMi" made the window treatments for Harper's room. It was such a gracious gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mimi! I had a hard time finding pre-made boy valances. All of the cute ones were so girly. These couldn't be more perfect. 
  • And I found the cute little owls at West Elm. They reminded me of Jonathan Adler without the huge price tag! 
  • I love the blue stripes on the one wall. We decided to do just one wall so it wasn't overwhelming. We used a metallic paint so it has a nice shine to it in the light!
  • I found all of my artwork in the nursery on Etsy. It saved me HUNDREDS of dollars! Expecting mom's look here FIRST. Trust me. All of the Etsy artists custom do the colors to match your room perfectly. The "Little Man" print was found here. And the fox and owl print was found here.
  • My mom bought the giant giraffe from Imagination Station in downtown Spartanburg. It is the perfect addition to the room and Harper LOVES it!
  • I found my piggy bank and frames that are on the book shelf at TJ Maxx Home. They were CHEAP! I think the bank was $12.99 and the frames were all less than $8. 
  • I bought the scripture that is above Harper's closet from Back-40-Life too! It was about $12.
  • The changing table is the matching dresser from Baby's Dream. 
  • I got a matching Hoohobbers hamper and had it monogrammed with "Clothes" & "Towels"
  • Bird Ave. did his "Oh Baby" print. It is actually a little paler in real life. He matched the colors PERFECTLY for the nursery! Check him out here. All of his prints are adorable! 
  • And the little animal watercolor illustrations were found here. I had them matted with a burlap and pale green matte.

  • And this is the last little nook of Harper's room. It is actually right when you walk in his door. 
  • I bought the white cube shelving system at Target.
  • I bought the prints at this Etsy store! They CRACK me up!
  • I bought the plastic container at Pottery Barn Kids outlet and the finger puppets inside at IKEA.
  • The giraffe frame was hand painted by an incredible artist! 
  • The lion toy on the shelf is made of cordorouy. I LOVE IT! And it is sooo soft. We bought it at Imagination Station too! 
  • I found the airplane globe at TJ Maxx Home. 
I hope you all like Harper's room! It is my current favorite room in the house. Next up, the master bedroom!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Montana Mixtape Project

Now and days, it is hard to find time to take a minute and do something entirely selfless. Awhile back Erik and I entered a wedding contest where we needed people to vote to help us win the wedding of our dreams. We had so many friends, family, and COMPLETE STRANGERS that took the time to vote for us day in and day out. We also had a few "so-called friends" that deliberately tried not to help us out (I will go into that another day.) But it was an incredible feeling to know that people were willing to take a moment out of their day to help us out! And we are forever grateful to those who took their time to make our dream a reality.

My friend Hope is a part of a duo, "Me and Mr. Cassidy." They are brilliant musicians and it is their dream to make it in the crazy music industry. They need a little help starting up. They just entered a contest that could give them an incredible amount of exposure if they win.

The Billings Newspaper in Montana releases a free downloadable CD through the paper for everyone around the holidays. It is called the "Montana Mixtape Project." They choose 10 songs from Montana based artists based on online votes.

"Me and Mr Cassidy" is one of the bands trying to get a spot on the CD. Scott {Mr. Cassidy} and his family hail from Billings, MT.

People from all over are able to quickly register and vote once a day (everyday until the contest ends.)

If you have a moment please check out their song, "Keep Me Awake." The album from beginning to end tell a story. It tells a tale of love from childhood to death with a sentimental beauty. It is appropriate for all ages and an amazing gift for loved ones to share. I think you all will LOVE IT!

Please, Please, Please take a moment to vote for their song and help make their dreams some true! It will only take a minute and it really could make such a difference in their lives.

Here is the link to vote:

If you are interested in hearing more about it, or more about "Me and Mr. Cassidy", continue on to their website, or feel free to contact them at

In addition, If you would like to hear the entire album ( FOR FREE! ) it is streaming live at :

You can follow this incredible duo on Twitter at: @MeandmrCassidy
You can "Like" them on Facebook at :

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping Spree!

Do you have a ton of clothes in your closet that you haven't worn in years or even have the tags still on them? Do you have great shoes and accessories that you would love to sell? Wanting to remodel your house but still need to sell your old furniture first?

I personally have a ton of stuff that is in PERFECT condition. Too nice to give away but I never seem to wear them myself. I wanted to bring them to a consignment store but by the time you take them to the store, wait for them to sell and then the store takes a large percentage... it is not really worth it. I have seen consignment pages on Facebook and thought the idea was brilliant. The only problem I have with the current pages is that they are usually very specific with the brands and items you can sell. I have some awesome shoes/clothes/furniture that aren't necessarily covered in the approved brand list.  I wanted a page with no rules, no regulations, and one that is absolutely free.

I came up with the page, Carolina Consignment.  All you have to do is "like" the page. Then take a photo of the item you want to sell and post it on the wall. Include the price, condition, contact information and size. Then if someone wants to purchase this item from you they can send you a message! It is that easy.

I recommend buying the items though your Paypal account. 

Check out the page HERE! If you have any items you want to get rid of, feel free to post them. And shop away. I have a feeling it will take a few months to get enough followers, shoppers, and sellers before it becomes a booming market place. But, I think it could be a great way to clean out our closets and find awesome bargains. And by viewing it on Facebook it removes the sketchiness of Craigslist.

What do you think!? I just added some adorable shoes in sizes 7.5, 8, and 9. And Marisa put up an awesome pair of Versace sunglasses!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Little Road Warrior

For the past several days, the Huffman Family has been on the road! Our first stop was Atlanta, GA then we headed to Louisville, KY and now we are in Nashville, TN. So far, so good! 

Harper is our little road warrior. He gets a little irritated in the car sometimes but for the most part he is a great little traveler. 

Yesterday we had a wonderful time with the Jenkin's Family. We have missed them so much since we moved away. Their sweet daughter Ella and Harper just love each other. It is so fun to watch them play together. Maybe one day they will date!? hehe 

Yesterday I spent about 30 minutes taking photos of the babies and I snapped a few of the Jenkins while we were in Leiper's Fork. The photos turned out great. Here are a few:

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I just stumbled across a great deal on Southernsavers! Sign up for Hautelook HERE!

HauteLook is a premier members-only site that offers private, limited-time sale events on the world's best brands. Each day, members receive an email invitation to the newest, most exclusive sale events on the best merchandise for men, women, kids, home and beauty - at prices up to 75% off retail. HauteLook is free to join and everyone is welcome - there are no commitments or charges for membership.

They have TONS of incredible sales and right now I am in LOVE with their Michael Stars sale! You can get a signature long sleeve henley (normally $42.00) for $17!

A long sleeve scoop henley dress (normally $88) for $35! 

Or a cashmere cardigan (normally $285) for $89! 

And to make it even more sweet!!! You can sign up for HERE to buy a $50 gift certificate to Hautelook for $25!! You can really rack up here. And if you use the PROMO CODE- fabulous you will get an extra 10% off. So I just bought a $50 gift card for $22.50!

I WANT it all!

On Zulily this morning I noticed they had some of my favorite brands for sale! I had to share. These are GREAT deals for ADORABLE outfits. If I had a little girl, I am certain I would be broke.

Mud Pie (I am OBSESSED with their clothes and accessories!) These are a few of my favorites but there are plenty more!

ONLY $11.99 (normally $28)

(ONLY $13.99, normally $31)

(only $12.99, normally $30)

(ONLY $17.99, normally $43)

(ONLY $12.99, normally $30)

(ONLY $17.99, normally $42)

And they MOMO Baby shoes on sale for $9.99!

This is a great price, they are normally $17. Harper only wears these type of shoes because his little feet are so fat! 

(These are on sale for $13.99! CUTE!)

And they have the cutest MeMoi tights on sale starting at $9.99:

If you haven't already signed up for Zulily, sign up HERE! They have awesome deals on women's clothing, shoes, accessories and everything you can imagine for kids!

For an extra 10% off $30 or more, use PROMO CODE- BRADSZUDEAL11

Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Bloggers Needed! HELP!

Now that I am back blogging, I need your help! Which blogs should I read? I feel like I am so out of touch with the blogger world and I have no idea who is still blogging, what new blogs are around, and what blogs I need to add to my blog roll. I would LOVE to update my blog roll so if you are a reader and you would like me to add your blog to my sidebar, PLEASE COMMENT and let me know.

I also want a blog design UPDATE. Sweet Harper is running now so the illustration of him wrapped in a blanket is sweet but completely not relevant. It should be a photo of him swinging from a chandelier or wreaking havoc on my home.  Who did your blog design? Do you have anyone you would suggest (that is not too expensive!)

All your input is much appreciated. I can't wait to start following your blogs!

And of course, I will leave you with a photo of my sweet boys:


My Hubby-The Musician

Now that we are back in South Carolina, Erik doesn't get to play music quite as much as he use to. He is an extremely talented musician. I miss going to all of his Florez shows! He can play bass guitar (I guess you would say that is his "specialty") and he can play the acoustic guitar and sing. Erik started singing to Harper when he was in my belly. And now he sings, "Jesus Loves Me" to him every night before he goes to sleep. Harper will just lay there and stare and smile while he sings. And whenever Harper is sad and Erik is out of town, I will pull up YouTube and play the old Florez song, "Sweet Tea," for him. He immediately stops crying and starts dancing. It is so sweet! I wanted to share one of Erik's videos with you all. I absolutely love this song! 

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