Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Carolina Girls, Best in the World!

This is a picture of me and one of my BFF's, Cissy! It was game day so of course we were sporting our garnet and black. We were on the way to tailgate and a random guy from "Southern Fried Football" asked us to sit in a golf cart so he could take a photo of us. Kinda random but we went along with it. Didn't expect to ever see the photo again.

Well now, this photo is about 4 years old but it keeps popping up everywhere. It is kind of hilarious really. After it was taken several guys notified us that it was up on the "Babes" section of Then almost a year later, the same photo showed up again.  We were nominated for some online award. Now, four years later, the infamous photo is back!! Someone just sent us this link on Facebook, and some college website,, is using the photo in an article. And a random Carolina sports blog is using it too. So I decided, since it is already all over the internet, it deserves a place on my blog. I am flattered and very glad to see that the University of South Carolina made that cut, but it kind of hysterical that someone came across this photo that many years after it was taken. Cissy, I guess we are kind of a big deal! hahaha! JUST KIDDING! 

But one thing is for sure, it makes me miss Carolina football season and my beautiful carolina girls! 

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