Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kiel James Patrick- A Preppy Lover's Necessity

The first time I saw the Kiel James Patrick website, my first thoughts were "Cissy would love these!" (Cissy is one of my best friends and was my roomie in college) and "I *need* one of these headbands!" I was thrilled to receive an amazing package from Kiel and Sarah last week. I am IN LOVE with my new bracelets!!

First of all the packaging is ADORABLE. So cute, I actually took photos (see below.) For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kiel James Patrick products, The Kiel James Patrick brand is all about bringing back old-fashioned design elements, but using them in a contemporary new way. All of the products are handcrafted in the United States and you can really notice the superior quality in their designs!!! These babies are going to last a long time.

The Kiel James Patrick signature brass buttons, are made at Urschell Tool, an American company that specializes in belt buckles and military pins. Meanwhile, all of the handcrafted leatherwork is done a few miles from the KJP offices, at Bren Corporation in Johnston, Rhode Island. Their fabrics are all purchased locally, from Rhode Island and Boston area businesses, and the nautical rope they use comes from T.W. Evan in Cranston, Rhode Island. Even the production is based in Kiel's home state of Rhode Island. 

It is great to see that KJP supports local businesses and provides new jobs for people in his community! I love the fact that Kiel has made such an amazing product for men. It is really hard to find accessories for Erik. But he seriously loves Kiel's bracelets.  They are very stylish, durable, and you can tell they are made of high-quality materials. Ladies, if you need a good gift for the preppy man in your life, be sure to check them out. And while your at it, you are going to want to get a little something for yourself (or a few things!) 

Here are some photos of the bracelets we received and some of my favorite products of the website:

How cute i the packaging!? 

I love this bracelet. It is so versatile and preppy. 

Erik has not taken off this bracelet since he received it!!

This is Erik modeling his new favorite accessory! 

I love this bracelet too!

How great are these ear knots!?

I am pretty sure this headband would make any girl happy!

I hope you all enjoy his products as much as I do! What is your favorite item on the website? Do you know of any other great accessory and jewelry designers? 


  1. I like KJP a lot, but my only problem is, I can never decide on which bracelet I really want. Too many color decisions to make! I guess I need to eventually make up my mind. Oh, and you can tell readers too, that if you sign up to get on their newsletter, you get a $5 off coupon. :)

  2. I like the headband too, it's so cute!

  3. I just found you today and I love your blog! Congrats on Baby H! I'm a mommy of the most beautiful little angel in the world. :) I had her when I was 24, only 13 days before I turned 25! Enjoy your pregnancy. It goes so quickly!!!

    <3 KP

  4. I love KJP! I went to the University of Rhode Island and learned of this brand at the Pink Pineapple in Newport. I've been obsessed ever since. I didn't know all the details of KJP's production or how much the company supports local businesses. I love them even more now. Thank you for the informative and entertaining post! :)

  5. I am going to have to check out this website!! Just found your blog and now following, love it! You are gorgeous!! I absolutely love the name of your blog, so cute!!

  6. KJP is great, I want everything! Thanks for this post!

  7. I love the items! & the packaging is so great!


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