Thursday, August 12, 2010

4D Ultrasound

Yesterday we had the best time going to our ultrasound appointment! We went to a place called Vision of Life. It was a family affair. Erik, Erik's parents, my sister, my mom and I headed to Powdersville, SC to see a 3D/4D  ultrasound of little mister. 

They use the state of the art GE Voluson 730 Expert to complete all ultrasound examinations. The GE Voluson 730 Expert has been seen in GE television commercials and many printed articles from around the world. This machine is the best 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound machine available. 

The staff was wonderful and the facility was really pretty. They had the viewing room set-up with plenty of fluffy couches so that every one could see the ultrasound up on the big screen. It actually holds up to 12 people but we decided to just invite the immediate family. 

They even have a baby shower room! So if someone wanted to have a shower there, they could play baby games then everyone could watch the ultrasound. I thought that was a really cute idea!

If you are interested in a 3D and 4D Ultrasound, you can call Vision of Life at (864) 269-5420. They are located at 104 Commons Blvd. Suite A Piedmont, SC 29673. It is really close to Greenville! 

Anyways, it was amazing seeing our little guy! Every day we talk about what we think he is going to look like, who's personality he is going to have, what sports he is going to play... and of course every day it changes. But we were finally able to get a little sneak peek into what he is going to look like! 

We think he is going to be born with some hair. Not a full head of hair but we could definitely see some! And the lady thought it looked wavy! I decided those are his little curls coming in! :) hehe Erik was actually pretty bald when he was born but I had quite a bit of hair. It was really dark! Within a few weeks it fell out and came back in "white." But initially I had dark blackish brown hair. I wonder what this little guy's hair will look like! 

Ideally, you get your 4d ultrasounds at abut 30-31 weeks. We waited a little too long. We were still able to see him but he is getting pretty cramped in my belly. He liked to play with my umbilical cord and he was pretty active in there. 

We noticed he has daddy's chin and lips. I wish I could figure out which photo showed his little chin but I can't find it. At the appointment we saw a close up of his chin and it was Erik's to a tee!  He also has Erik's lips. Erik's lower lip is slightly pouty. And you could definitely see it in a few pictures. In one photo I think we upset him... I was pushing on my belly to try to get him to move his foot, and he actually made a "mad" face. It was hysterical! 

I think he has mommy's long legs (mine are almost 34 inches long!) because he kept one up next to his head the entire ultrasound. He looked like a little acrobat. His feet kept blocking the right side of his head and it caused some difficulty when we were trying to view his little face! We also think he has my nose, which I got from my dad. He has big chubby cheeks! We were able to see him try to take a few breathes which was pretty amazing and we saw him open his eyes a few times. It was such an amazing experience!  Here are a few of the photos from the ultrasound:

He had his little hand up on the left side of his face for most of the ultrasound and his right foot was actually up on the right side of his head. The debris in front of his face is actually his umbilical cord. 

He kind of looks like he is smirking here! 

Can you see his foot straight up next to his head on the right side?

His little hand throwing up a "west side!" 

I definitely recommend getting a 4d ultrasound! It was an unreal experience. I wish I could go back and watch him in there all day! 



  1. So glad we got to join you, Erik, your mom and Jenna for this amazing ultrasound - and to have the chance to see precious little Harper for the first time!!!

  2. Jaime!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Harper is adorable. Can't wait to see him in color! Love y'all! "Aunt" Susan

  3. Wow! I have NEVER seen this before -- it's so interesting!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! The pictures are amazing!! He is so precious!!!!!! How exciting for y'all. I bet you're even more anxious to get him out and hold him now! :)

  5. WOW! That is incredible! What an amazing experience that must've been for you and your family! Harper is such a cute name. Such a handsome little fella already :)

  6. How adorable!! I'm excited for you!

  7. Adorable! I was so amazed when we got this done - my son looked exactly the same when he was born :O)

    I dont know why they call it 4D....the 4th dimention is time.

  8. He looks beautiful!! I love the 4D ultrasounds!! So excited for you to be holding the "real thing" in just a few weeks! :)

  9. ahhhh! I love his "west side"! haha He is going to be so handsome. You may just have 3 models on your hands... first Erik, now the dog, and probably the little Harpster too! I can't wait to meet him!!!

  10. ohmygosh! isn't this THE most exciting thing ever?!?!
    congrats on your little guy. you'll be showing him this picture someday, and talking to him about how you couldn't wait to meet him! (muffy and i look at her ultrasounds and talk about that all the time!) my muffy was born with a full head of BLACK hair... and the day of the delivery i was being "checked" and the nurse accidentally pulled some out and said -- wow, this baby has a lot of hair! (i met her about 15 hours later, and YES she did!)
    best of luck on the rest of the pregnancy!!!

  11. How exciting .... its amazing how far technology has come!! Thank you for sharing these photos!! HHL

  12. That is so cool. Much different than the ultrasound I had when I was pregnant. The detail is amazing.

    Not much longer now. How exciting! :)

  13. who knew my hometown of pville had something so cool?? Harper is a total cutie!! I'm glad you got to share the experience with your loved ones!! :)

  14. Jaime, Thank you so much for sharing this experience on your blog and especially for giving Vision of Life such a wonderful endorsement. We love our job.

    Mike, Rose Anne, Ben and Erika Sullivan


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