Monday, August 2, 2010

A Gift From Daddy

Last time Erik was in Louisville, he got the sweetest gift for our little man. Normally I do all the shopping but this time he did it all by himself. And he did a great job!! He bought this pair of baby Sperry Top Siders!!! Who knew they made legit Sperry shoes for babies!?

And he got this pair of baby Vans. I love these. And they will be so appropriate for our little rock-star when daddy teaches him to play bass and the guitar. O yes, we are already looking up mini-instruments!

I know Erik is getting excited about the baby when he is willing to go shoe shopping for our little man!!


  1. Those so are sooo adorable!! Love them!!
    I love that you guys want to teach him guitar too. My husband and I have guitars. The guitar company Martin makes pretty nice "mini" guitars. I have a smaller one because I can't play a full size.

  2. I love all the fun little shoes. They have just about anything you can imagine for "little feet." So, so cute!

  3. those are the cutest little shoes! Love the topsiders!

  4. Have you seen these? So cute!

  5. Oh my goodness, those are precious! :)


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