Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Prepartation

This past week I started washing all of Harper's clothing. I realized I rather do it now and have it ready to go when he gets here. I used Dreft. I don't know much about baby detergent but I figured they were all about the same. Does anyone have any preferences? So far I like Dreft! It smells just like a newborn baby! If someone watched me fold all of the clothes they would have had a good laugh.... I literally sniffed every piece of clothing because the smell was so sweet (and it made me really excited about my own little newborn baby!) I think sitting there folding all of the mini-clothing made it start to really sink in, I am going to have a baby in a few weeks!! WOW. I am so excited (and yet a little scared at the same time!) Knowing that I am going to bring another human being into this world and he going to depend on me for everything... it is pretty amazing. I feel so very blessed.

After I washed all of the clothes, I decided to sort them into size categories. I hung all of the newborn and 0-3 months in the closet. And I put the rest of the clothes in clear containers up on a shelf in one of his closets. I have a 3-6 month bin, 6-9 month bin, 9-12 month bin and 12+month  bin. I think the child has a polo onesie in every color possible. But I noticed I am slacking in the newborn clothing area. Do any of you mamas have any advice as far as the amount of newborn clothes I should buy? As of right now, the doctors are predicting he is going to be around 7 pounds. And I noticed a lot of the newborn clothes only go to 8 pounds. So am I better off just have a very small amount of newborn items and sticking with the 0-3 month size that seems to fit 8+ pounds? I guess some big babies skip the newborn size all together. I don't want to waste money and buy newborn clothes if he is not going to wear them but I don't want to have to worry about going to the store and buying more clothes when he is home for that first week. I would love to hear your thoughts!

And as far as boys clothes are concerned, they definitely get the short end of the stick. Now that is probably a good thing because it will cause me to spend WAY less money. But I wish they had a little better selection! So far my two favorite stores for boys clothes are Gymboree and Janie and Jack. We don't have a Janie and Jack in Spartanburg but we had one in Nashville and I got some really cute outfits last time I was there. I just ordered some awesome clothes on the Gymboree website. I only spent $82.00 and I saved $283.00!! They had some great clearance items and I had $75.00 worth of Gym bucks. 

I was on their website today and I noticed the new Rock n' Roll 101 section! I refrained from buying anything but I think it is all adorable. All of these outfits would look great with baby Chucks! Check out the Rock n' Roll line of clothing here!  What are your favorite places to buy baby boy clothes?

This is my favorite outfit:

These shirts are on sale for $10!


  1. I didn't use Dreft, and my doc said it was fine. He said as long as they didn't get any irritations on their skin, they it would be okay.

    You're definitely nesting girl, and getting very prepared. Good for you! :)

  2. There is a reason Dreft is the number one baby laundry soap in the US! I cross the border to get it from Target!

    I love The Children's Place for infant clothes - the quality is amazing and they have a LOT of cute boy clothes.

  3. I used dreft and still do! I LOVE the smell. My husband and I wash our clothes in dreft as well. As long as you aren't concerned about the money, Dreft is the way to go. But, our doc said any "free and clear" detergent is good for baby.

    About son weighed 9 lbs 8 ounces when he was born. We had a lot of clothes, and he actually fit in the newborn size for a little while (we were surprised!) when he was born. But, he did go straight into a size 1 diaper at the hospital. :)

  4. I have used Dreft for both of my kids and still do. My 3-year-old son has very sensitive skin, so I'll probably use Dreft until he's an adult! I highly recommend it. :)


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