Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Love My Men!

I will admit, I am slightly obsessed with my dog. I just think every little thing he does is so cute. And he takes care of me. If a stranger (i.e. the UPS man) comes to the door, he barks and stands long ways in front of me to protect me. When I am sick, he stays next to me in bed all day. When I went through my week of baby sickness... he licked my toes while I kissed the porcelain god. He follows me around like a shadow. And he even cries... literally... any time I have to leave my house. This actually breaks my heart. As soon as I lock the door, he starts howling... it kind of sounds like a person weeping, then he starts whining and he runs to the guest bedroom, jumps on the bed and peeks out the window at me as I drive away. It makes me feel horrible! Sometimes I  change my plans just so I can stay with him longer.

Every morning I take him out back and we play with the hose. He chases it and barks at it. It is hysterical. He tries to bite the water and does 360's in the air. A few days ago Erik took him out back to play with the hose and I took some photos. I thought yall would like to see the craziness.

The start of the hose madness!

Flying towards the stream of water.

Attacking the water.

Got it!!

Pretty pup!

My dog has ups!

Soaked pup!

My sweet boys!

I love my men!!! 


  1. Aw we have the best dog ever! He is such a protector :) I'm so glad he takes such good care of you when I'm not around.. we love our Mama!

  2. Awww!!!! What a cutie!!!! That is so sweet how your dog takes care of you. :) My dog is the same way. She can always tell when something is wrong and she won't leave my side. She always lays her head on my leg and looks up at me with the sweetest little eyes. :D

  3. I think it's so funny how every dog has such a different personality from the next!

  4. ohmigosh, your dog is so freakin' adorable!!! what breed is he? he looks sort of Australian Shepherd-ish but the hair is too long, maybe? I have two mutts and I know how you feel...outside of my fiance they are the loves of my life.


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