Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Dream Crib!

Erik and I already bought a crib and dresser for Harper's nursery. We actually purchased it several months ago. But we were buying within a strict budget, so I didn't get my "dream crib." I loved the crib we bought and I was thankful for it but I knew it was not quite what I hoped for.

I did quite a bit of research on cribs and found several that I loved! One of my favorite crib lines is "Baby's Dream." I like their crib designs because they have a patented feature called the "safety gate."

I like the safety-gate cribs for three reasons:

#1) There is added safety for your baby.
#2) It makes it much easier to reach your baby.
#3) In the long run it would actually save me money because it comes with a free toddler bed conversion and your baby can stay in the crib an extra 6-8 months, due to the deepest mattress level in the industry and the extra height the gate adds. 

The difference between a normal crib and one with a safety gate is the fact that safety-gate cribs have a top portion (6-9") that folds down. You just push in the finger latch on both the left and right side at the same time to fold the gate down quietly. When in up position, the gate is safely locked closed.

The reason I like this feature is because it helps protect your baby. The safety-gate cribs require the arm span of an adult to operate, adding safety by preventing other small children from accessing the baby and once in place the safety gate locks closed. With the safety-gate, babies are less able to climb out, due to the extra height the gate provides. And there is a beveled hinge that prevents fingers from getting pinched.

And because the crib is up to 9 extra inches deeper, it makes it easier to reach into crib to put baby to sleep or change sheets. This is most helpful between ages 1-2 when child weighs 20-25 lbs and the mattress is at the lowest level. Luckily Erik and I are pretty tall but I think this is really beneficial for our friends, family, and babysitters that are shorter and could really benefit us if I have to get a C-section.

The video I posted is from YouTube and it shows you exactly how the safety-gate works. Pretty cool right!?

But these cribs were a little out of our budget... SO I went with another crib that was very cute but it didn't have the safety-gate feature that I had wished for. Then Erik surprised me. He started a new "real job" this week and because of this wonderful new employment opportunity we could get my dream crib! Yay!! 

Baby Furniture Plus Kids in Greenville carries the "Baby's Dream" product line. So we went and picked out my favorite crib with the safety-gate feature! I LOVE IT!!! It is from the "Legendary" collection. And we decided to go with the expresso finish. It is really cool because it converts to a toddler bed and an actual full-size bed! So Harper can keep this crib for years. Here are some photos. This is not the color we picked but it gives you an idea of what the crib looks like.

And this is the dresser we went with. We didn't get the hutch but I love the size of the dresser! 

And this is the crib converted to a full-size bed.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I think we are going to try to pick it up tomorrow! And hopefully Erik won't mind putting together another crib!!! :) 

If you are looking for baby or children furniture in the Upstate you should check out Baby Furniture Plus Kids. It is a family-run business and they have another location in Columbia. They have over 100 cribs/beds in their showroom and I was really impressed with their selection. You can find a crib in any price range. And they carry several cribs with the safety-gate feature! Here is their information:

Greenville location:

3620 Pelham Rd #1
Greenville, SC 29615

phone - 864-284-0920
fax - 864-284-0921

Business Hours
Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm
Fridays 10am-8pm
Sunday noon-6pm

**They even have a clearance warehouse in Greenville with some amazing pieces at HUGE discounts! The clearance warehouse is open daily from 2-6pm.**

Driving Directions:

From 85 Northbound
Exit 54 Pelham Road. Take left turn off exit
1/2 mile take Left into "EarthFare Center"
We are on the left hand side of EarthFare
From 85 Southbound
Exit 54 Pelham Road. Take right turn off exit
1/2 mile take Left into "EarthFare Center"
We are on the left hand side of EarthFare



  1. Hey that is right where Haley lives! :) I love it Jaim! I can't wait to see his little room!! :)

  2. That is so awesome that you got your dream crib! What a wonderful surprise! Love the classic look and how the crib folds into bed. I'm from Greenville so I'll def keep this place in mind for when I have kids of my own someday..not anytime soon!

  3. So glad you and Erik were able to get the furniture you really wanted! I love the style of the crib, and the safety features are wonderful... so much better than back in my day (haha)! Looks like little Harper will be set on bedroom furniture for a while :) Can't wait to see the nursery when it's all finished!!!


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