Monday, August 9, 2010

33 Weeks Pregnant!

I am really excited about the upcoming week!! I have tons of things going on. Tonight is my first Junior League of Spartanburg meeting. I am trying to decide whether or not to join. I really want to give back to my community and I think Junior League is a great way to get involved and meet other girls my age. So it could be a great idea and opportunity. I am a little worried about joining with the new baby on the way but I think because we are going to have so much help with Harper from our family and friends that I could still handle the responsibilities of Junior League. Marisa and I are going to the meeting tonight to learn a little more about it!

Then on Wednesday we have our 3-D ultrasound. I CAN'T wait!! Erik is back in town.. yippie! And he is supposed to finish up his photo shoot on Wednesday in the late afternoon which leaves us time to go to Powdersville to get the 3-D ultrasounds.

We might get pregnancy photos taken this week. A photographer in town mentioned that he would like to take photos of me, Erik, and the bump in exchange for letting him use them in his portfolio. So hopefully it will work out and we can get some cool shots.

And I am supposed to sign up for a tour of the hospital this week. I am trying to figure out a time that works with Erik so he can join in the fun.

It is getting close only about 6 weeks to go!

How big is the baby- He is a little over 4 pounds!!! So exciting.

Weight gain? My belly is legit! Seriously growing every day. I actually bought a dress two weeks ago to wear to my shower this past weekend and I couldn't zip it up! I was disappointed the dress didn't fit but was actually really excited that the little man is growing so much.

Stretch Marks? Not yet. I have been using Maclaren Supporting belly balm and I seriously LOVE IT!! If you are an expecting mother, you should give it a try. It is made with moisturizing Shea Butter that helps prevent stretch marks and contains Rosehip oil which promotes cell regeneration and skin elasticity. It also contains Orange, Mandarin and Neroli to assist in hydrating, repairing and regenerating the skin. I tried two other belly balms during my pregnancy and this one is by far my favorite!! It isn't sticky and it goes on so soft. Plus my husband likes the scent much better than the other belly balms. I think the orange gives it the sweet scent.

Maternity Clothes? I went to Target to buy a maternity dress for the shower but they were really slacking in the maternity department. So I ended up buying the dress in the photo above instead. It was in the ladies section but it was nice and pouffy so it fit over my belly!

Sleep? I sleep a lot! And Harper loves to karate chop me as soon as I lay down in bed. He starts moving with 2 minutes of me lying on my back. It is hysterical. And these are not small kicks... they actually move the sheets on the bed. But I have trained myself to sleep through most of it. The hardest part for me is actually getting out of bed. I feel like I am completely off-balanced. So I kinda have to roll off or get Erik to help pull me up.

Best Moment of the Week? On Saturday we had another amazing baby shower. Erik's Aunt Anna and his momma hosted it. It had a rock star theme and everything was perfect! We had such a wonderful time and we feel so blessed to have the love and support of so many loved ones. We received our Chicco travel system and our big Chicco play yard along with tons of other wonderful gifts!! I am going to post photos and more details from the shower tomorrow.

Food Cravings? Ice cream. I think the crazy heat plays a big part in this craving!

Name? So I only know a single person named"Harper." I actually babysat him growing up and always loved the name. Erik and I really wanted to find a unique name and decided to go with Harper since it was so original. Well guess what name made the new trendy baby name list?! Harper of course!! I opened up and right on the front page the article said, "Welcome Tenley, Harper, Castiel and Bentley: The Hottest Baby Names of 2010." Now what are the odds of that!? I really hope it doesn't become "trendy." But I still love it!

Movement? The boy wants out of the belly. He kicks me all day long. I started chuckling in church yesterday because he was kicking so hard Erik could actually see the fabric of my dress moving back and forth!

What I Miss? Having a ton of energy. I feel like I am sleepy all of the time!

Fun Fact? This week he's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. The bones in his skull aren't fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him to fit through the birth canal. (The pressure on the head during birth is so intense that many babies are born with a conehead-like appearance.) These bones don't entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as his brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.

As the baby fills out even more of your belly, lots of things might start to change: Whereas before you were sashaying, you may find yourself waddling. Finding an easy position to sit in — let alone sleep — is becoming more of a challenge. And bumping into chairs and counters is par for the course. (I have bumped into my fair share of doors and chairs at this point! I feel so off-balanced!)


  1. Thanks so much for the update! My mom actually grew up in Spartanburg, and went to Dorman High, and then Clemson. I hope the JL meeting goes well.

    As for the 3-D ultrasound, it's amazing! You won't believe how correctly it will match the real thing, well except for the smashed nose of course. Just preparing you for that one. Because the baby's nose is pressing against the womb, it gives the illusion that it's really flat, but don't worry, it won't be.

    You'll have to post pics if you get the pregnancy photos taken. It is such a special time, and will truly be worth it!

  2. You look great! Not much longer...good luck with Junior League. I joined last year at this time and I'm so glad I did. I met some great women and I've really enjoyed the activities, both volunteer-wise and social.

  3. *jealous* You are the cutest little mom-to-be I have ever seen!

  4. I've been thinking about joining the JL in Greenville. Let us know what you think about the one in Spartanburg.

  5. Love the dress you chose! Seriously, so cute!!! Have a wonderful week! :)

  6. LOVE the pictures Jaim!! And you are still a skinny minny everywhere except your belly! Which is good! :) I'm joining Junior League of Charleston this fall, can't wait! :)

  7. You look fantastic! I agree that Target really let the preggo women down this year. I kept checking in hoping to find something new and cute but came up empty most trips.

    I don't know any Harper's either so how trendy can it relly be if neither of us knows any?! He'll still be the cutest, I'm sure (:

  8. you look fabulous!! hope the 3d ultrasound is great, technology is really amazing!

  9. Hey there super cutest preggers!
    I can NOT believe you've only got 6 weeks to go!!! eeeee! Here comes Harper!! I hope your JL meeting was fun and that you do decide to join.
    I'm about to start my 2nd year here in Memphis and I have made some
    fabulous friends (one being "Southern Belle JM" from Tale of a Southern Belle) and LOVE it. Lots of my friends are in JL in Charleston and <3 it too.

  10. Awww!! Sooo cute!!! :) I bet you are so excited for the 3d pictures!! Have fun at your photo shoot! I can't wait to see!!!

  11. AWWW! You are too cute! Happy mommy-to-be! Good luck with the Junior League it is def a great way to meet friends!

  12. As far as pictures go you should really check out my friend Erin. She takes amazing photos! You will love them. I told her I wish I were getting married or having a baby so she could take some pics for me. Erin Drago Photography. She's amazing! I'm going to have to look into this junior league. I don't know about it. Are you guys living in Spartanburg? I live in Duncan.--Ericka Sherrod

  13. Hey Jaime! It has been a while since I have seen you but I just wanted to congratulate you and your beautiful family on your newest addition! You look gorgeous! can't wait to see pictures of baby Harper!


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