Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a wonderful weekend. On most weekends we have a LONG to-do list. We rarely relax. This weekend was refreshing. On Saturday we slept in, even Harper! We took Harper to visit Mimi and Papi's house and left him there for the afternoon. Erik and I went shopping at Trader Joe's (and that is a FUN chore, I am in love with that place) and went home and watched a bit of the Senior Bowl. 

Then we met back up with Harper and the Huffman's at California Dreaming. It was delicious. It was nice having an entire day without a set agenda!

Today we met up with Brooke and Brice. It was so good to see the sweet engaged couple. Then Harper had a play date with his beautiful buddy, Saylor. Isn't Saylor the cutest name for a little girl!? I just love it. She is a doll and is so good with Harper. She would hold his hand and walk him around the park. Harper was overwhelmed with excitement. He wanted to run around like a crazy man. He managed to climb up the stairs and cross the bridge on the playground all by himself. I was impressed yet scared to death. The kid has no fear! 

After the park we headed straight to a birthday celebration. Our friend Octavious has two gorgeous twin daughters. They turned two today! They are identical and I really couldn't tell them apart. We had such a good time. I think Harper loves to be around children, especially kids that are older than him. Here are some photos:

Overall, it was a very successful weekend! It is nice to have some time to just enjoy ourselves. But next weekend, I am determined to finish some of my projects. Our guest room is very close to being complete. I will share some photos tomorrow! I love it so far.


  1. oh my goodness that outfit is precious!!! :-)

  2. Awwww. Looks like the little man had a fun date. Play dates are the best.

  3. He is just SO SO precious! My word - beautiful baby boy! Makes me even more excited to meet my little man and I'll def post some nursery pics soon :) and keep everyone updated when he arrives! Thanks for the prayers :)


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