Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday Traditions

I browsed through my photos on my laptop and noticed how many important blogs I skipped over during the holiday season. Recently I started to feel like I don't have time for anything. And I am pretty sure most mother's feel the same way. Being a mom is incredibly challenging and I feel like you constantly have to figure out how to balance your life and your time. I am still learning this balancing act! Do any of you all have any tips or pointers? How do you have time for cleaning, cooking, working, your hubby, your baby, and even yourself? I think I need to start waking up SUPER early. But I am not a morning person, never have been and never will be. So I am sure my husband is totally down with my idea of waking up early... as long as he doesn't have to be around me! Haha!

I want more time to work out, read the Bible, have a girl's night, pull Harper around the block in his wagon.... yes it looks like a 5AM wake-up time might be inevitable.

One thing I really missed out on this holiday season was time for traditions. We really wanted to make our way to the NC Mountains and cut down a tree like we did last year. It did not work with our schedule so we ended up going somewhere local, which was still fantastic but I want to start traditions that we do with Harper each and every year.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Which ones do your kids seem to enjoy the most? One thing we managed to do this year was bake Christmas cookies! I am so grateful that the Boland gang invited us over to bake with them. The babies had a blast and made a complete mess. By the end of the day they were down to their diapers because their clothes were covered in red and green icing.

Here are a few photos from the day:


  1. Awwww cute pics. I am obsessed with the Boland triplets. I think she is adorable too. Wish I lived closer and could hang out with you cute mommies for play dates :(

  2. Love your holiday post! It looks like a lot of fun was has by all!

  3. Cute pictures. The little ones are always so much fun to snap.

    One tradition I'd really like to start for our little trio is to give more. I'd like to teach my daughter to give to the less fortunate by donating, volunteering, etc.

    Girlie Blog

  4. What cute pictures! The cookie making looks like fun!

  5. Oh my stink'n cute! Looks like lots of memories were made!

  6. honestly we really missed out on holiday traditions this year too. we did our fare share of fun stuff in December but none of it was "traditional", really :-/ things have just been too insanely busy!

  7. I feel the SAME way... I was actually going to blog about this same topic but ironically couldn't find the time! :(

  8. It looks like you were still able to have a wonderful holiday season though! I know it can be trying to make time for everything, but I am sure things will work out for you as they need to (and sometimes there is nothing wrong with an early wake-up call!) I just happened upon your blog today and I think it is darling, I hope this New Year is off to a good start for you and best of luck with everything!!
    Twirling Clare

  9. Such a cute family! Really enjoying reading! And glad I found your blog !


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