Thursday, January 26, 2012

It was a Very Merry Christmas (only a month late!)

December went by so fast! And now it is almost February. I think time goes by twice as fast when you have a baby. I never attempted to blog the week of Christmas. I just uploaded a ton of photos off of my camera and decided to go ahead and post some from the holidays.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We slept in... even Harper! We had so much fun watching Harper open up his gifts from Santa. After we showed him how to unwrap one gift, he helped unwrap the rest! It was adorable. And every time we pulled a gift out of the paper he would chuckle. It was one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed. We got it all on video, I am going to have to share that this week!

Erik's parents came over and had an early Christmas dinner with us. We had a wonderful time. Then we headed to my parents house and had another Christmas meal. The food was so incredible that we managed clear our plates twice! 

Here are a few photos from the day. Harper seemed to love all of his gifts. And boy was he spoiled. One of his favorite gifts was the Rock n' Roll Elmo. He still plays with it on a daily basis. 

Our tree. It has such a pretty shape it almost looks fake!

His new Pottery Barn chair and doggy puppet. 

With "Mimi and Papi"

He just started feeding himself with the fork about a mess!

Loves to sing and play the keyboard with Elmo!

He always gives me sweet kisses. Love that baby boy!

These were the overflow of presents from his stocking from Santa.


  1. Jaime, he is too freaking precious. I can't wait until I am close so that I can see that sweet face more often!!!

  2. HE is precious! Love these pictures, looks like yal had a blast.

  3. Very sweet pictures! I love the name Harper, that is my pugs name!


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