Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be Our Guest Pears

Thank you all for the sweet comments on our guest room! I love it too. I can't wait to completely finish it. But honestly, I already smily every time I walk in there. It is so refreshing when a project starts to come together. I had a TON of people ask where I purchased the "Be Our Guest" pears. They are my favorite fun decorative piece in the whole room. And for $24.00 they were an ABSOLUTE STEAL.

You can find them in the SkyeArt shop on Etsy.  They come in a green or cream color. And you can get them with all sorts of sayings. I had Amy (the owner of the shop) specially make these little guys for me. I wanted them to say something that welcomed our guests. Thanks to Beauty and the Beast, I came up with, "Be Our Guest."

She also sells these adorable birds. I want to get some for our master bedroom. 

And if you are a Beatle's fan, you will love this:

So go check out her Etsy page here! And tell me what you think. She can do custom sayings on them too! Serious bargain. I LOVE ETSY! 


  1. Thanks for sharing! You're so creative to think of that!

  2. I just checked out her shop. I love it all! So neat that you could customize them!

  3. I love these, they are so cute!! Thanks for sharing where you found them!! Your new guest room looks fabulous!!

  4. THANKS!!!!! I want dance sing party!!!!!

  5. Etsy constantly amazes me! Love the little birds!

  6. These are certainly cute. Etsy has the best stuff.



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