Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinterest Makes Me Feel....

Let's be honest. Pinterest makes me feel inadequate. The houses and decor are so perfect. The craft projects are so creative. The outfits are so well put together. How can I possible live up to my pins?

I've concluded... I can't. Until I win the lottery and have beaucoup of money, it is nearly impossible to live out my wildest pin dreams. So in the meantime there is IKEA! We made a last minute late night trip to Ikea last week and started picking out furniture and decor for the guest room. It is so affordable! The only problem is that is makes me want to sell everything I own and start all over. I use to have a more traditional taste. I loved old antique furniture and anything shabby chic. But now I lean towards a modern feel. Much more clean and simplistic. I like chevron, quatrefoil, and creek key patterns.I like organized, new, and shiny.

Harper's nursery was the first room in the new house to receive a makeover. I love the way it turned out! You can check it out here.

Next up, our guest room. And we did quite a bit of work last week. I was going to take photos of the progress but my new pillows came in so I decided to wait and take some pictures when I buy inserts tomorrow.  So far, I love it. And it has been fairly inexpensive. I took several concepts I saw on Pinterest then found the cheap way to copy them.

Here are 5 ideas that I loved and tried to use as inspiration for our room:

I love these colors together. Navy blue and as I call it "preppy green" are such a great color combination. I didn't want a ton of color in this room because I was going for a very calm and comfortable feel but I wanted enough color that it doesn't seem boring. 

I love the shelf over the bed. Actually I am obsessed with the idea. It is so much easier to lean photos against a shelf rather than to try to hang them up in a perfect arrangement. 

I love this bed spread and sheet set. I love the linen color. It looks nice and cozy. It works perfectly with the color combination I had in mind. 

I love this cream headboard and white side tables. They look great together and this room loves very warm and inviting. Exactly the feel I want for my guest room.  

I love the idea of having a little "guest basket" somewhere in the room. It is so nice to have a few chocolates and waters sitting out when your guests arrive. It makes them feel like they are in a hotel. Hotel Huffman! haha.

We still have more work to do but I am excited to share the progress with you. It is already a huge improvement. 


  1. I love the chair by the bed. It's so Carrie Bradshaw. Need to copy this style.

    Yes, Pinterest is addictive -- too addictive :O(

  2. I totally agree:) I love ikea too! And those pillows are adorable!!

  3. Everytime I get on Pinterest I want to redorate or rearrange my house and go shopping. Likewise I dont think it is going to happen unless there is a huge money drop and by the looks of my boards I mean huge load. LOL
    Cant wait to see you finished guest room. I am loving the idea and colors you are going towards.

  4. I love all of these pins...they are all very calming and beautiful! I really love the gray ruffled bed spread!

  5. Yes, you said it when you said "inadequate", but it sho' is fun!
    Harper's room is beautiful! That makes me feel inadequate!

  6. I can not wait to see what you do with the room girl!!! I too used to be more traditional and now def. like more of a mix of modern.

  7. Hi Jaime!

    Hey-- the easiest way to make a collage is through picasa. Have you used it? Just google it and download the newest version. It's a really user-friendly, easy program I used to use to edit my photos before I learned photoshop. They have a collage option, click on that. Then play around in there and under settings I think? You'll find a drop down menu for a grid (which is what you want) or mosaic and a number of others. If you pick grid, you just select and all all your photos. And then play around with the size (8x10, 4x6 or you can create your own size to find the perfect ratio.) You can make it horizontal or vertical of course. And then you can keep them tight, or drag the little thingy (hopefully this makes sense if you play around in there) and give some white space in between. I like that. Good luck!

  8. Oh I *totally* agree. I basically only use it to pin recipes (and only ones that I would ACTUALLY be able to make, not crazy complicated desserts that I would never have the time for, for instance) because of that.

  9. Pinterest makes me feel the same!!! Ikea is wonderful, I finally made my husband take the tour upstairs and he was shocked!!!


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