Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crazy Beautiful Life

How many mom's wonder on a daily basis how other mothers do it? Sometimes I feel like I am a complete train wreck in comparison to the "super-mom's" out there. Then I had an epiphany. Someone asked me, "How are you so well put together all of the time?" HA! But they were not joking. Apparently when some people read my blog and check out my Facebook I trick them into believing that my life is organized and perfect. Man did I fool you guys. It is not. Not even close! I can't complain because I am beyond blessed but we are not living this fairy tale life...

Erik and I both work and work hard! Both of our jobs require extensive traveling. So we are constantly on the GO! If our house is clean and organized it is because it has been a week since we have been home. For the most part, my monkey destroys the house. His favorite activity is standing at the top of the staircase in front of the safety gate and chucking all of his toys over the gate and down the stairs. Crap everywhere.

Yes, I will admit, our jobs are pretty darn cool. But they can still be very stressful like every other profession. When people hear that Erik models they tend to be envious but let me tell you there is a whole lot more to modeling then standing there and looking pretty. Erik constantly watches what he eats. We go out to dinner and I always order a steak and pototo. Erik orders salad and chicken. The food runner always gives me Erik's meal first... yes my husband has to eat like a woman! Not to mention he is on a strict work out regimen. He has to deal with rejection on an every day basis. Can you imagine going to castings where you are up against 20 other highly attractive people? And when you don't get booked they don't give you an explanation. You just have to wonder, "Why didn't they pick me?" I couldn't do it. When Erik lived in NYC and modeled full-time with FORD I would get pissed. In my mind, he should get every job. And when he didn't I would wonder why. He was used to it but it bugged me every time. Not to mention he has a "real job" too and he is taking a full load of classes. His life is insane...far from "perfect."

We all know the saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side." I am convinced it is true. We all struggle in our own lives. Some people are just better at hiding it than others.

Here are a few more photos from Pasha's shoot!  This guy has MAD photo skills!


  1. Beautiful family photos.

    Hi, just read your are completely right - Grass is SOOOOOO MUCH greener on the other side.

    I quit my job on a whim after having our baby. Tell you what, staying at home is no walk in the park either. Completely had an identity crisis, and took a year (and some counseling) to find myself again.

    I think no matter what kind of mom -- working, stay home, part-time working -- it's going to be hard.

    You are doing a WONDERFUL job -- come on, just look at that adorable boy -- so, YOU GO GIRL!

  2. aww i loved this post :) it is so so true!!!! xo



  3. Love your blog, Jaime!....Gary

  4. I love the title of this blog... "Crazy, Beautiful Life" pretty much sums it up :) Proud of you and Erik for being such loving, devoted parents to Little Man - and for making the sacrifices it takes to keep things going... you're good examples of "grace under pressure"... so keep up the good work! Love you all!

  5. Harper is so handsome! Do you guys ever travel to Dallas?

  6. So so true! And you're right, blogs have a way of showing the nicer side of life(mine especially!), and it's good to shed some light on other areas! Thanks for giving us a peek in to your everyday life!

  7. This is so true!

    and those are some beautiful pictures! :)


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