Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby's First Ice Cream

Every time we go to Charleston we make a trip to our favorite local restaurant, Five Loaves. On this trip Uncle travis joined us for dinner. It was incredible, as always! Erik bought me a gorgeous original painting for my early birthday gift. I turned the big 2-6 on June 30th. Here are a few photos from dinner:

We went to our favorite little ice cream shop on Sullivan's Island. Our original intention was for me and Erik to grab an ice cream cone. Harper kept starring at our treats and we decided to let him have a bite. When he took his first bite of ice cream his facial expression was priceless. To say he enjoyed it is an understatement. When we took it away from him, he was not a happy camper.



  1. Happy belated Birthday! I love watching babies experience something delicious for the first time!

  2. This is so unbelievably sweet! Was it mint chocolate chip? Looks yummy!

  3. Hope you had a great bday, happy late bday! The ice cream looks really good. Cute pictures thanks for sharing! Glad you had an awesome time

  4. Too cute!!! How old is he? He is precious! And Happy Birthday you spring chicken!

  5. Newest follower (: !! Your family is absolutely PRECIOUS !!!!


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