Friday, July 15, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

A few weeks ago we made our way to Charleston for the weekend. Unfortunately with our busy lives we rarely have time to take a vacation. The trip was work related but we managed to really enjoy ourselves. Erik and Harper were asked to do a photo shoot together for our favorite clothing company. We couldn't refuse the sweet offer... I mean who doesn't want incredible pictures taken of their boys!? 
One extremely hot and sunny day we headed to Sullivan's Island and Harper participated in his first ever professional photo shoot. Josh Norris was the photographer and to say his photos were insanely gorgeous is an understatement. I actually teared up when he showed me some of the pictures. We don't have copies of any of the images yet but as soon as we do I will make sure to share some with y'all! If anyone in the Upstate is looking for a fantastic photographer make sure to check out Josh's website!

I have to admit, I was the overly zealous mother cheering in the background. I was so proud of my sweet boy. He was a total natural and giggled and smiled for the entire photo shoot. I can already start to feel the pride a mother feels for their children. There is nothing quite like it! 

And Erik was absolutely thrilled to get to do a photo shoot with his son. I wanted to share his reaction with you:
"When I model, I mostly work with people I've never met before.  It can be fun, but it's never completely comfortable or "normal."  Recently I got to do a photo shoot with my 9 month-old son. We had such a great time.  Not only was it so easy (it was like we were just hanging out on the beach), but I must admit I was very impressed with Harper.  We stood in the 95 degree heat for over an hour, and he didn't fuss.  He just smiled for the camera and acted so pleasant. He was a natural, I didn't even have to coach him.. haha.  Maybe it's in the genes :) This shoot was a great experience, and I hope that Harper and I can do it again in the future.. I have a feeling we will."
Here are some photos I took from the sidelines: 


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  1. Why am I not surprised that sweet little Harper aced his first professional photo shoot? Looks like he and his daddy "brought it" at Sullivan's Island!


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