Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harper's First Dip in the Ocean

I think we have over 300 photos from our Charleston trip. Sometimes I am a little picture happy. I want to capture every cute thing Harper does. And the child is so darn cute that I tend to continuously take photos. I think I am going to break down the trip in separate blog posts. (Yes, we went on the trip a month ago...i'm a little late.) We enjoyed so many people and places that I would love to share it all. Today's post is Harper's first time in the ocean:

Walking down to the beach at Sullivan's Island

Checking out his toes hitting the water for the first time.

Taking a dip in the water with daddy. 
(Erik is all dressed up because the just wrapped up a photo shoot.) 

Stealing kisses from my sweet baby.

A little airplane action. 

Harper LOVES Charleston! 


  1. Awww so cute! I love following your blog! Our family has a beach house on S.I. (Station 9). My little boy is 4 months, he has the hat in the last photo! Come follow my blog...

  2. Aww those are the most adorable pictures. You'll cherish those forever!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Charleston. The hubby and I are trying to make it out there this weekend and scope out places to take our little one after he's born this January.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that daddy has his baby in the water with all his clothes on!!!

  5. What great pictures! Your Lilly dress is so cute!


  6. These pictures are adorable! And I'm loving your dress!



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