Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fireworks and "Firsts"

We had a wonderful 4th of July. We spent the day with our entire family at Lake Bowen. The Elmore Family throws a phenomenal party every year and it has become a very fun tradition. 

On the 4th, Harper said his first word! He said "Da-da." And now that is all he says all day long. It is adorable. You can tell he is very proud of himself. He also learned how to give high-fives. He caught on very fast. Now we are working on getting him to touch his nose... o the little things! 

Here are a few photos from the day. Unfortunately my camera died... but I managed to snap a few:

My sweet boys!

Gorgeous lake house!

He loves to swim! And he especially loves to dunk his head under the water.

My sweet water baby!




  1. So adorable! I'm so glad I saw our blog =] I love when your posts show up in my newsfeed
    from a fellow southern belle xx


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