Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweet Southern Comfort!

Wow, well this is our first real trip back to Charleston, SC since our wedding!!! Ideally, I would have liked to make several trips down to my favorite city in the entire county... but with all of the chaos in our lives, vacation has been out of the question. When we had a weekend off, we usually went down to Spartanburg to visit my mom and our families. Now that we are back in the Upstate, we can actually go visit our friends again... it is an amazing feeling! 

Honestly, this trip really isn't a vacation by any means. Erik is actually here working. But I was able to come along, enjoy the ride, and relax for two whole days.  Man it feels good. No worries, no renovations,  no work. I am loving it!! 

We got in late this evening. Most of the restaurants close at 10PM on Sundays so we headed downtown to find a place to grab a late dinner. Luckily, Tsunami was open late. Tsunami was one of my favorite restaurants in Columbia, SC. Every Monday they have service industry night and everyone in the restaurant industry receives a 50 percent discount off of their food. So we went almost every Monday. The food and atmosphere are great. I was thrilled when we realized there was a Tsunami in Charleston, with the same ownership and menu as the restaurant in Columbia. I ordered my usual, miso soup, edamame, and a G.M.C. roll. The roll has all cooked meat in it, so I was able to get it!!! (SO EXCITED!) And it was delicious!! Erik got hibachi teriyaki chicken. Yummy! Our meal was perfect. If you are in Charleston, you should check out Tsunami. Great food and great prices!! 


  1. I love Tsumami!!! I know you must have enjoyed that meal! Where are you in the Upstate? I just love that area. Just moved back from Greenville/Taylors area last year. Really enjoy your blog so far!


  2. Mmmm, that looks so good!

    The Tsumami restaurant looks amazing and lucky how it opens late too! I love sushi food, and in Vancouver the biggest joint would be Shabusen and Sui Shi Ya, too bad it doesn't open that late.

    Your blog is so cute, I enjoy reading it!


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