Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rock & Republic Jean SALE!!

So overall, I have totally enjoyed my pregnancy. But today I got a little upset. My favorite brand of jeans went on sale on GILT. They have Rock & Republics (about 12 different pairs!) for $109.00-129.00! That is a HUGE discount! For those of you who have not worn R&R jeans, they are amazing and LONG! I have 34 inch long legs. To put that in perspective, my husband, father, and I all have the same inseam. Erik is 6'1" and Dad is 6'2". I am a little over 5'7". So jean shopping is usually pretty miserable for me! I can buy R&R jeans and wear high heels. It is AMAZING. And they make your booty look great! Well I am not going to buy jeans anytime in the near future because I am preggo. So it is pretty pointless! I am pretty sad I have to miss out. Maybe they will have another sale after June!? 

For those lucky ladies that can purchase jeans and are interested in the sale, here is your invite! 

Sign up, and you will find the Rock & Republic sale in the woman's section!

Happy Shopping! 

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