Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Wish List!

As most of you know, I am expecting my first baby in September. With my first baby comes a whole lot of excitement... especially when it comes to shopping for the little mister! But I realize that I can't buy every cute baby thing I see in the store (can you believe I just said that ERIK! I know you are proud!) But it is still fun to have a "wish list!" So here are a few items on my baby wish list. I came across this adorable designer, Rikshaw Design on The Tale of a Southern Belle blog!   And everything on their website is cute!! Harper probably "needs" these, right honey!?  Rikshaw Design's slogan is "hand block prints for your bohemian baby. " Gotta love it!!! What do you all think!? What is your favorite item? 


  1. These ARE cute! Especially love the monkeys!

  2. Love it all! Reminds me of VV! Hope you had a great day!!!

  3. Oh my! I love them all! I have seen her stuff before and I feel in love when I was searching for things for Grant last year. I love the diaper pouch and babysack. We had alot of babysacks because he loved being all bundled up! Which reminds me- you need to get a swaddle blanket- one that is especially designed to swaddle not one you have tobe like a baby nurse to figure out! LOL! You probably already knew that though!


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