Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our First Baby Purchases!

So the title of the post is a little off... I have bought Baby H plenty of clothing and books. Probably too many clothes... but until this evening we hadn't made any "large" baby purchases.

Now I have a baby crib, changing table, and stroller! YAY!! I am starting to get very excited. I had a hard time finding a cute boys stroller that was still "manly" enough for Erik to push around. Lately, I have been on a GILT kick. But I have been very responsible and have held off on purchasing anything for myself! While searching the website for necessary baby items, I came across the Macclaren: Buggies and Accessories sale. I found the CUTEST stroller!! I am seriously excited!

Of course I did my research first and Macclaren seems to be an amazing company with incredible and very posh strollers. Each Macclaren buggy is designed to be the lightest, most stylish, and durable in its class. They fold into the size of a folded umbrella and are easily transported with a carry strap or handle. I wanted a light, durable, stroller to take with us on trips because we travel OFTEN! So this company seemed perfect to fit my "needs."

The fun part, Maclaren has an entire line of designer strollers. These strollers take fashion from the runway to the street. In collaboration with some of the world's most famous and revered designers, Maclaren makes fashion-forward special edition buggies and accessories! They have teamed with designers such as Juicy Couture and Kate Spade to make ADORABLE buggies.

My buggy is from the "Designer" collection and is called the "Owen Tartan Buggy." Here is a photo:
I am loving the plaid! Back in the day, clans added stripes and colours to their tartans to differentiate themselves in battle. The Maclaren plaid is styled with green, red, and yellow stripes on a deep blue background to emulate the Maclaren clan tartan. Although Owen Maclaren was born in Saffron Walden, Essex, England, his surname and roots stem from the Maclaren Clan who originated from Lorn in Argyleshire, Scotland.

I looked up all of the specifications on the actual Maclaren website. It is on sale for  $275.00. I found the same exact stroller on GILT on sale at a huge discount. And they even have the matching footmuff on sale for almost 50% off the retail price:

I can't wait to get these adorable finds in the mail! I will post an update once I receive them! I wanted to share photos of my other favorite buggies on sale. The Juicy Couture and Kate Spade Strollers. If I was having a girl, I think I would have to get the Juicy stroller. I don't normally wear Juicy apparel but I love the pink and brown together! 

Have yall ever used or seen a Maclaren buggy? What are your thoughts? Do you have any other favorite brands when it comes to stollers? Thanks so much for your helpful really means a lot to me. I don't know what I would do without them. I am the first girl in my group of friends and first child in my family to have a baby. So your insight is SOOO helpful! 

If you are interested in joining GILT, membership is free. You just need an invite. Click here for your free invite and membership!  Then head to the "Children" section to find the Maclaren buggies on sale.

I will post photos of the baby furniture once the nursery starts coming together. I am still feeling "nautical" for the theme...


  1. Love the stroller! Can't wait to see the other "big purchases"! Have a safe trip and a fun time this week... love you all!!!

  2. We have a Maclaren stroller that we use all the time! It usually stays in my husbands car for the times he is out with Beau. We also have a bigger one, that converts and does different things that we use most of the time, but we love the Maclaren! My husband likes it best!! It is light enough to tote around, but sturdy to hold bags if you are shopping, easy to maneuver, and the best part is how far back it reclines for naps! Seriously, it is the best reclining one I have seen in it's size! I know you will love it!!

  3. I love this stroller! So unique and all the other moms at the park won't have anything like it!

  4. Maclarens are great! All the families I have worked for had them (seriously)

  5. PS-I am going to recommend my current employer get a Maclaren for travel/quick trips because the Bugaboo is not easy to travel with!


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