Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Happened to Customer Service?

We live in a day and age that is consumed with technology and a "me" mentality. Businesses are concerned with making a quick buck rather than forming a relationship with their customer. I think the absolute worst customer service is found at airlines. I am pretty sure US Airways does not give a rip about their customers. They loose you luggage and they expect you to figure it out. They overbook your flight and they don't offer any sort of compensation. It sucks!

I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service I received today. So surprised that I actually wanted to brag on the company. Where was I? I was at the Apple Store in Haywood Mall. What could have been a very unpleasant and stressful situation was tolerable due to the really helpful employees. My computer has been acting crazy. I was in the middle of editing photos and it turned off abruptly. When I turned it back on my clock and internet was re-set. It was driving me nuts and I was ready to throw my computer against a wall. I took it into Apple and they determined it was a faulty battery. When I went to pick it up today I decided to boot it up and make sure it worked properly. It still had a few small glitches. The folks at Apple started running diagnostics tests right away. I arrived at the store around 5:30PM and by 9PM the computer still had problems. The store closed at 9PM but they let me stay in the store while they tried to repair the problem. By 10PM it was determined that I am going to have to re-install my operating system. Now I have to run Time Machine on my laptop to make sure I don't loose any of my data. I am heading back to the store in the morning to fix it. But I was impressed with the employees determination to fix my issues. I could tell they wanted to send me home with a fixed computer tonight. They chatted with me while I sat for countless hours and kept me somewhat entertained. Most of all, they provided exceptional customer service. I think a lot of companies could learn a thing or two from Apple.

So Apple, I salute you. I will never purchase a PC again.

PS- If you ever buy an Apple product, make sure you always purchase Apple Care. Time and time again I am thankful that I purchased it!


  1. So glad the Apple folks were able to take care of your problem, without losing all your pictures!!! Thinking I better hurry up and get Apple Care, too :)

  2. Apple CS is always amazing!! They come through for us time and time again!! I love my Mac products!


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