Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Near Death Experience

Harper was hired by Buy Buy Baby to do another print ad. While we were on set, one of the men showed us this awesome iPhone app, Action Movie FX. 

We were amused, to say the least. Here are my boys in action:

And here is Harper's first ad. It was released this month. They were so nice and sent us a few copies in the mail. I actually went to Buy Buy Baby to purchase the water toy he was photographed with (he loved that thing!) and they were already sold out. I guess it was because of the cute models in the advertisement!


  1. ok that video just cracked me up! hahaha and of course Harp was the selling point in that ad. He's the cutest baby ever. PS. noticed today that someone pinned a picture of him from my blog in his USC outfit w/ football and it got 5 more re-pins! :) heheh

  2. Lol Nik is pretty impressed by that app! And Harper looks great as usual...I know you have to be a super proud mama right now!

  3. lol that video is crazy!

    i wish whit would be in adds and things. how cool! how do you get in touch with ppl for things like that. we do all our shopping at buybuybaby.

  4. Look how cute Haper is in that ad. I totally think he was the selling point.

  5. Wow your baby is a star! He really is the cutest!!

  6. Awwww, how cute! I'd be a little freaked out by that bus blow-up though! Wow!


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