Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Joys of Motherhood

Motherhood is rewarding, it is fun, it is incredible but let's be is tough! Little boys are noisy, they are wild, and they are messy. A silent home is a very rare occasion. Some days for my sanity's sake I go out to my car and sit in silence. I'm sure my neighbors think I am crazy but I need it. I need to hear myself think again. And I need to get away. I can't afford a luxurious spa vacation so I go out to my car. I listen to the radio, check e-mails on my iPhone, and then sit there in pure silence. It is fantastic! Sometimes Erik gets home from work and the first thing out of my mouth is, "Hey, will you watch Harper for a bit? I am going to go sit in the car for a few minutes." Oh the little things!

What do you other moms out there do for an escape? Anybody lock themselves in the closet? Haha! I think that could have crossed my mind at some point.

Tonight, Harper insisted on eating spaghetti and yogurt for dinner. What a strange combination! He likes to go to the fridge and pick out his own meals now. If he doesn't like what I give him he throws it down for Fender. He loves to feed himself. Watching him eat this particular meal was quite entertaining. I will leave you with some photos of the fun:


  1. Amen girl! Sometimes I think I am just going to go out of my mind crazy with two boys - 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. Sometimes I go to the grocery store by myself and rock out to music on the way. There are the rare occassions when I cry - LOL - funny but let's be honest here, and when I am feeling strong I count to 10 and then try to redirect my kids to an activity that will keep them busy! Sometimes that means getting down on the floor and rolling around with them. :)

  2. Oh girl I feel ya! It is tough. Just wait until you get pregnant and then you still have your little man to keep up with. I'm just worn out and feel like I give give to everyone but me. BUT, very rewarding. I'd say my time is just in the evenings. Some days I will just say okay I'm off duty after being with him all day and I will shower and watch my Real Housewives episodes alone in my room. Funny thing is...when I do get time alone, I feel like I miss him or like something isn't right haha.

  3. Just found your blog and so glad I did. I'm a pregnant Momma with my first child and love finding Mommy blogs. Also, those pictures of your little boy are just the cutest. He seems all boy!

  4. Ha! We had spaghetti tonight too! So funny because Bennett looked very similar to Harper at the end as well! I've got a new blog-! Head on over and check it out! I'd love for you to add it to your blogroll! I sit in my car too- or go on bike rides! :o)


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