Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Juggler

Nowadays I feel like a juggling act. Part mom, part business women, part blogger, part maid. Life is crazy, life is complicated, but life is good and I am blessed (I try to repeat that last part often... a daily reminder keeps me sane). 

I always feel like I have a ton of things to blog about. Then I sit down to write a blog and my mind goes BLANK! I hate when that happens.

I guess I will blog about my coupon obsession. Yes, I am a crazy coupon lady. I started cutting coupons when I was pregnant and on average I save about $100 per week! Now I can't go back. If I go to Publix without my coupons I feel naked. Pathetic, I know.

I went to Whole Foods last week. I wanted to grab a quick bite to eat at the hot bar. I was attempting to eat healthy but I ended up with a nice scoop of spicy mac n' cheese. It was so good. While I had dinner, I watched all of the women shopping. I was so envious of the women in there. They just walked down the aisles and threw stuff into their carts. $7 orange juice, no biggie! Obviously no coupons, no price comparison, they just bought whatever they desired. That would be nice! 

For now I shall cut coupons. The hardest part about cutting coupons is the time it takes to cut and organize them. I have tried a few different methods of organization. I started out with envelopes. That was a disaster and a complete mess in my drawer. Then I bought a special coupon book on Amazon. It is $19.99 and in my opinion it is well worth it. I loved the book and the only real issue I had with it was the fact that you couldn't really see the coupons in the folders and it was pretty thick to put in my purse. Recently I started carrying a backpack instead of a purse (I will blog about that another day) so I wanted to try a new coupon organization method that was the size of a school binder. I think I found my perfect match!!! It was at Target.  It is the Mead OrganizHer (clever name) Coupon Binder. Confession- I purchased two because I wanted extra tabs and organizing sheets. I am going to combine all of the organization sheets and tabs in one binder and have it super organized. If you cut coupons or are thinking about starting, you NEED this! 

After I finish organizing my new binder I will post photos. I am in organize mode at our house right now. I want to start posting my new Project Organization undertaking on the blog. Hope you enjoy! 

FYI- Do you want to save some serious mula? My favorite website that helps me find all of the good deals is Southern Savers.  Every women out there should check out this page. I promise, it makes couponing so much easier! 

And I will leave you with some Photo Booth pictures:

This was taken this morning! 

This was taken when he was my little baby! Oh how time flies! 


  1. I just got done cutting tons of coupons and know exactly how you feel! I've been using them since before I got pregnant - stocked up on tons of baby items and yes I feel like I absolutely cannot go into the store without them. Do you use www.southernsavers.com . Now if we can only be like the chicks on Extreme Couponing! I still haven't figured it out! Maybe one day...*sigh*

    ps. i need to try that organizer!!!!

  2. I love coupons; but recently have been hitting up Aldi's! And how the crap is Harper growing up so fast!!!!!??? :) He's still a looker!

  3. I need to check out Southern Savers... Brandon and I spend WAY too much on food. Thanks for the tip! Saving $100/week on food is serious business!
    P.S. Let me know about the ST info in an email whenever you get a moment! No rush, just wanted to make sure you received my reply to your email! :)

  4. that coupon book looks like a great idea. we need to save too.

  5. I started while I was unemployed. Even saving 20% is enough of a reason for me!! I will have to look at those other coupon books. I just have a plastic 4x6 or so accordion folder that I got at Staples ages ago, and its worked well enough, but its starting to wear.

  6. I was doing a lot of couponing when I was pregnant because I knew I would be on a limited income during my maternity leave... so I stocked up on deodorant, body wash, diapers, wipes, etc and I'm so glad I did. Now that I have an 8 month old at home and I'm working full time, though, I don't have the time like I did to sort through coupons and such. Plus, I am doing the envelope method, and like you said, it's a MESS! LOL

    I am going to have to look into that book!

    and I love Southern Savers! I wish, though, that there were more coupons for healthier foods, meats, and produce. That's the stuff that costs the most!

    and like you, I've always wanted to be one of those people at Whole Foods that doesn't have to consider the prices on the stuff. I love shopping there, but I have to weigh/measure everything because I don't want to go overboard! We call it "Whole Paycheck" because you can spend a paycheck if you get all of your groceries there! LOL

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I used to coupon, not sure when or where I stopped but this inspired me to start back up again!

  8. I coupon too but I've found that I still will save more a lot of times if I don't use my coupons and get the Food Lion (where we shop) brand. I don't mind getting the my essentials brand bc they items are great and taste just the same. Just another option.

  9. I've always wanted to be a crazy coupon lady!!!! But sadly, I'm the lady that throws $7 orange juice in the car because I just want to get in and out of there! haha


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