Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I WANT it all!

On Zulily this morning I noticed they had some of my favorite brands for sale! I had to share. These are GREAT deals for ADORABLE outfits. If I had a little girl, I am certain I would be broke.

Mud Pie (I am OBSESSED with their clothes and accessories!) These are a few of my favorites but there are plenty more!

ONLY $11.99 (normally $28)

(ONLY $13.99, normally $31)

(only $12.99, normally $30)

(ONLY $17.99, normally $43)

(ONLY $12.99, normally $30)

(ONLY $17.99, normally $42)

And they MOMO Baby shoes on sale for $9.99!

This is a great price, they are normally $17. Harper only wears these type of shoes because his little feet are so fat! 

(These are on sale for $13.99! CUTE!)

And they have the cutest MeMoi tights on sale starting at $9.99:

If you haven't already signed up for Zulily, sign up HERE! They have awesome deals on women's clothing, shoes, accessories and everything you can imagine for kids!

For an extra 10% off $30 or more, use PROMO CODE- BRADSZUDEAL11


  1. Love Zulily! i buy so many things for Ashlynn on that site. I just got two pairs of boots for her for $20 each, which is a great price :)

  2. I know I want it all too! My fav site ever!!!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up because I just bought my peanut the football overalls!

    I saw them at a local boutique for $45 and I didn't want to spend that! Great deal and now he has a cute outfit for his 6 month pictures! :)


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