Sunday, November 6, 2011

The ABC's

I saw this on The Hamilton Family blog and had to steal it! :)

A. Age: 26 (Although sometimes I still say 25, not on purpose I just forget...BABY BRAIN!)

B. Bed Size: King! When we moved to our new house I persuaded Erik to upgrade. Now we couldn't have anything but a king. When Harper and Fender sleep with us it is a full bed!

C. Chore that you hate: Laundry, so much so that sometimes I take it across the street to the laundry mat and pay them to do it for me. They wash and fold for 90 cents a pound... well worth it!

D. Dogs: Fender Bender Huffman. He is a Mini Australian Shepherd and he is my second child. We named him Fender because Erik plays a Fender bass guitar.

E. Essential start to your day: Feeding the baby so he stops screaming. And I love to start it off with an iced Chai tea latte!

F. Favorite color: Aqua and I love yellow and gray together.

G. Gold or Silver:  I like gold. I love gold sparkly things.

H. Height: 5'7" and with heels I am REALLY tall! I was actually extremely short growing up and in the 8th grade I grew about 6 inches. Prior  to my growth spurt my nickname was  "little Jaime," "munchkin," and "shorty." I used to pray every night that I would grow one day.

I. Instruments you play: Not many! I played the violin and keyboard as a child. My great grandmother played the piano at Juilliard School of Music in NYC... I wish I would have taken piano lessons!

J. Job Title: Mother and Casting Associate- I put cool people on television.

K. Kids: Harper Michael Huffman (he just turned one!)

L. Life Motto: "Don't worry, be happy!"

M. Mother's name: Julie

N. Nicknames: Blondie, Duganator

O. Overnight hospital stays: Just one! (When I gave birth to Harper.) It was actually quite pleasant. The people at Spartanburg Regional were fantastic!

P. Pet Peeves: I wish I could just list specific people here! haha. I would have to say people that talk crap about others behind their back. If you want to say something, say it to their face. But usually those people are just full of jealousy and are insecure.

Q. Quote from a movie: I LOVE the Lion King!
Pumbaa: It's like my buddy Timon always says: you got to put your behind in your past.
Timon: No, no no. Amateur. Sit down before you hurt yourself. It's "You got to put your past behind you."

R. Right or left handed: Right but my hubby is a lefty.

S. Siblings: Jenna Renna

T. Time you wake up: whenever Harper decides to wake me up!

U. Underwear: whatever is clean in my drawer. I really love the Gilligan & O'Malley® underwear from Target!

V. Vegetable you hate: asparagus

W. What makes you run late: My baby. My hubby. Procrastination.

X. X-rays: I got an x-ray of my ankle once.

Y. Yummy food you make: banana bread! I am OBSESSED with banana bread.

Z. Zoo animal: Monkeys!


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