Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall, Football, and Family

I am not a cold-weather person. I grew up in Florida, we wore sweaters when it was 70 degrees outside. I have a hard time thinking when the temperature starts to drop. Erik doesn't bother conversing with me when we walk out to our cars on a chilly morning, I don't respond. To put it bluntly, I HATE the winter. But I absolutely love the fall! I love anything and everything pumpkin. I love the fall foliage and hot apple cider. I love cute leggings, sweaters, and boots. So during this time of the year I am happy as can be.

Every fall we go to the pumpkin patch. We wanted to go to Denver Down's this year but our jobs kept us too busy and we missed out. Luckily we went up to Nashville, TN a few weeks ago and went to Gentry Farm with the Florez Family. The babies were so sweet together. We were so excited to spend time with our amazing friends.

In other news, we decided to get Harper a swing set for Harper's first birthday. We actually purchased it months ago. It sat in the garage and collected dust. I insisted that Erik put it together before Harper's birthday party. So we recruited my dad to help. Don't be fooled...this swing set was quite the man project. It came in hundreds of pieces. Luckily I have two highly skilled men that were willing to help out and put this bad boy together. 

Harper loves it. He laughs and giggles every time we swing him. And it was a hit at the birthday party. Definitely a good purchase.

What are your plans for the weekend? We are preparing for the big game... USC vs. Arkansas. It should be a good one. I am pretty devastated that Marcus Lattimore is out for the season but I was impressed with Brandon Wilds game last week. He stepped it up! So my fingers are crossed. We gotta have faith in our Gamecocks. So far this has been a great football season for me! The Bills are looking really good and USC has had a fantastic season. Who are you cheering for? Any other NFL fans out there?

How cute is this Southern Tide Nautical Stripe polo? It is perfect for tailgate. And it comes in BILLS colors! They have it in several different color choices. If you an Auburn or Vandy fan, they have the PERFECT one for you. Check them out here!

I went to the USC vs. Navy game a few months ago. It was a blast and we WON! We went with the Elmores, my dad, and Cissy. It made me miss college and the student section.

Have a wonderful weekend! I am on a blogging roll so hopefully I will keep it up and post tomorrow. :)


  1. So glad you are back to your blogging.

    Where did you get Harper's swing set?

    That is the same gift we are getting Whit for his first birthday. I've been looking around but I want something with good quality. Some reviews weren't so good but I don't want to spend too much...they can get insanely expensive!

    Keep the pictures coming. I love seeing Harper!!!

  2. Love these pictures! Harper is adorable :)

  3. Great blog! Having lived in SC for a few years I do like the Gamecocks a lot and also the Panthers! Your baby is so adorable too! Enjoy the holidays :)

  4. Harper is precious!! He's going to love his new swing set!

  5. I've been REALLY trying to love fall lately, but I'm like you - I'm NOT a cold (or even chilly) weather person. Though I grew up in New England I lived in Orlando for a while and that's the one thing I miss about living in Florida - how much warmer the winters were, even compared to here in SC!


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