Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleeping Beauties!

So I came across this photo online and started cracking up. This is me and Erik sleeping in China. I can sleep through ANYTHING. Literally, any and everything. Tornado outside, no problemo...I will sleep. I slept through Hurricane Andrew when we lived in Florida. When we go on road trips, I can sleep the entire ride without taking any bathroom or food breaks. Ask my parents, it is really quite remarkable! Erik on the other hand, he is a LIGHT sleeper! As a matter of fact, one of the first memories I have of him is on our train ride in China. I think we were on our way to location and we had to sleep in these bunks on the train. It was me, Erik, Ashley, and Chicken in one area and I noticed Erik wore a satin eye mask on the train when he went to sleep. I thought it was hysterical, the only eye masks I had ever seen were those silk ones for women that have "sleeping beauty" and stuff like that written on them. So I got a kick of this hunk putting on an eye mask. 

When I saw this photo I thought it was classic. I am happily sleeping away and poor Erik has his entire face covered in his buff. I am sure it helped keep the bugs off and the sun out of his eyes, but HEHEHE it looks silly!! 
Heres another photo of out bamboo hut. Peih Gee and I resting. I probably just finished plucking my armpit hair out with my fingernails. I was determined not to have hairy pits on the island. HA! 


  1. Wait, I just saw this on your labels because it was labeled Survivor. I had no idea you were on Survivor, and your hubby was too? I'm obsessed with Survivor, but I missed like two seasons. I'm guessing I missed yours! Ah! So neat! I bet that was such a fun experience! :)

  2. Haha! Yes, that is actually how we met. We grew up about 35 miles apart most of our lives but met in China while filming Survivor. We were on the same tribe! haha! Small world. Amazing experience!


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