Monday, May 17, 2010

Lake Living

So we moved into the lake house this past weekend. It has been quite the experience. We had a whole lot of work to do. And unfortunately I can't do too much because I am preggo. I can't paint (which is driving me looney) and I can't lift. So I am pretty useless when it comes to most "moving"  things. Lucky for me, I have an amazing family who have all really helped us out with the big move!

Our new backyard! 

My sweet sister accompanied me on a trip to Nashville to help clean up the house and pack up the rest of my things. She managed to lift all of the heavy boxes by herself, I was quite impressed! She even drove us there and back so I could nap. I would have been a wreck without her.

Little Jenna and me! haha

My mom has a broken arm and is recovering from chemo and she is still out at the house helping unpack and organize. She is already trying to figure out how to plant a garden in the front yard and she wants to make a raised garden in the backyard to grow veggies. She is one strong momma!

Acting silly with my mom! 

My dad can pretty much build anything. Seriously. I have seen this man build decks, houses, porches, computers, cars... anything he puts his mind to, he manages to make it happen. It is quite remarkable. So he has been at the house building, painting, and remodeling. And the man can work wonders. Just yesterday he removed a very awkwardly placed sink, (it was in the middle of the master bedroom??) pulled up the old carpet, fixed the plumbing, and moved the new shelving into the garage. I am so lucky to have such an amazing father.

Baby Me with Dad! 

My sweet hubby has helped move, pack, unpack, paint, and fix my antique furniture. Months ago I bought several vintage pieces of furniture. I planned on restoring the pieces and using them in my guest bedroom. Now I can't go around Kilz or paint. My furniture restoration dreams were shattered. haha! But  Erik came to the rescue. And the pieces are starting to look gorgeous!

Erik painting my drawers! 

And Erik's parents have helped us paint the entire house. I really wasn't a fan of the colors that were already in the house. So we decided to paint every room, every hallway, I think we will eventually paint the outside shutters. So there is a ton of work to do! Lucky for us Gary is a master painter... seriously! And Denise is a great painter and helper! Yesterday they managed to finish up the whole first coat and trim in the hallways upstairs. The house is really starting to shape up!

Gary and Fender painting! 

Fender loves the lake! We will look out the back window and see him sitting on the end of the dock, watching the ducks swim by. It is hilarious. He doesn't bark at the ducks, he watches them. I think he wants to play with them. One day I am going to look out the window and he is going to be in the lake swimming around with the duckies!

Watching the birds fly by!
Fender a little damp from playing in the sprinkler

So we are very excited to finish up the painting and restoration and move all of our things into our new home! Wish us luck! 


  1. You are one lucky lady have a WONDERFUL supportive family!
    Good Luck in your new home it sounds fabulous!

  2. You and your sister are the sweetest towheads ever! I'm hoping my daughters will be that close. :)

    Loved your photos, and I'm so glad you've got such a helpful family. Makes moving sooo much easier! Still praying for your mother, I can't even imagine.

  3. How nice you have such a supportive family. Sounds like things are coming along nicely for you and your husband.

    You will have to post pictures after you are done with all the updating. I love remodeling/restoration projects and always enjoy seeing what other have done.

    You puppy looks so happy at the lake. He will have hours and hours of fun!

    Take care! :)

  4. Jaim!! I cannot wait to visit! I am so jealous you are living on the water :) I sure hope Fender can swim! I can't wait to start seeing NURSERY PICS (!!)

  5. You & Erik both hit the jackpot with your families! It's rare to have a wonderful Mom, Mother-in-Law, Dad & Father-in-Law, but you and Erik have both! And just think what incredible grandparents little EJ is going to have (and I won't even go into the extended family thing). So blessed. I'm so happy for you all.
    Love, "Aunt Sue Sue"

  6. Oh my goodness!! I am soooo jealous of your backyard!! AHHH!!! It's amazing!!!!!! That is so sweet of your family to help out. :) Loved all of your pictures!!!

  7. Congrats! The home looks gorgeous!!! And what a PERFECT setting!


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