Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl- Baby Edition

What did y'all think about the Super Bowl? I am not a huge Packers or Steelers fan... so I wasn't really into the game. Luckily we had a fun little family bet so it made it a little more interesting. Sometimes I will bet a little money on a football game if I do not have any ties to the teams that way I have someone to cheer for and get excited about. I have been a Bills fan for my entire life so it has been awhile since I have had a team to pull for in the Super Bowl. I hope the Bills get better by the time Harper understands football so he doesn't have to suffer like I have for the past 15 years. 

Well I made pretty good picks, I won two of the five bets, not too shabby!! Honestly my favorite part of the Super Bowl this year was the commercials and the food. We had sooo many treats. Marisa made a fantastic Buffalo Chicken Dip (I will have to get the recipe from her and post it on here!) and we had about 20 other choices of dishes. I had a cheat day... I just started my post-baby diet but that went right out the window this evening. 

Sweet Harper loves to watch football. I think he likes to watch the colors and movement on the screen but of course Erik is convinced he is already a football fan. 

Prior to the game I had a fun little photo shoot with the little man. He wore his best Super Bowl Sunday attire and did great smiling for the camera.

Of course Fender had to join in for a few picks. Now Fender is convinced he is a baby. When Harper gets out of the infant seat, Fender jumps in it and takes a nap. When baby gets  out of the pack n' play, Fender climbs in and sits inside it. It is absolutely hysterical. I can't wait to see these two play together in a few years.

Right before the Super Bowl we had a wonderful unexpected visitor. Leslie Nease and her sweet daughters were in town and met up with us to visit with the baby. Harper loved all of the girls.

And Harper had a wonderful time hanging out with Nana, Papa, Mimi, Papi, Marisa, and Kent!! He is a very social baby and loves to be passed around. (Luckily for us because everyone seems to want to take him!)

Harper with his Papa. I swear my dad is like the baby whisperer. If Harper is crying, dad takes him and he stops. If he is fighting going to sleep, dad rocks him and he is out cold. My dad is already looking forward to the day when he can take little man golfing. He helped coach my softball team growing up so maybe one day he can help coach Harper's team too!

Uncle Kent and Aunt Marisa played with Harper too!! Kent finally held him for the first time. Guys are finally getting comfortable holding the baby. He is big now so he doesn't seem as scary and fragile to them. 

So overall, the night was a blast and we had a wonderful time! How did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday? What was the highlight of your night?

I will leave you with one of my favorite commercials from the evening (I grew up with a pug so I absolutely loved this one!) 


  1. Harper is such a little cutie! The pug commercial was also one of my favorites! I also loved the Volkswagen commercial with the little boy/Darth Vader!

  2. Your little guy is SUCH a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!

  3. He is so cute in his super bowl outfit!!

  4. I loved that pug commercial too :)

    My father and my grandfather are the same way with babies...if one is crying, all they have to do is take it in their arms and the baby stops. Crazy!

  5. I loved that commercial too! I always think the Doritos commercials are hilarious! My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday was making wings - I didn't actually watch the game. My husband and I are still looking for a football team for us to cheer for!

  6. Wish i could have made it. I didn't leave work til 11:30, and missed the entire game :( Hope yall saved me some of that dip it sounds awesome! Harper is the cutest baby ever, he needs to be a little baby model

  7. Oh my goodness, look at how cute he is in his football sweater. I just love the little jeans, too!

    The little "tidbits" about Fender are so funny. He just wants to be near Harper. :)

    It looks like Harper's hair is turning blonde. Yes?

    I am touched by your father's relationship with the baby. It's such a special bond.

  8. Aren't baby photo shoots just so much fun? I know I'm getting ready to have a Valentine's Day one with Gillian Grace as soon as her cold clears up and it warms up a tad!

    He looks adorable in his little football sweater, that's too much! Love how you call your dad the "baby whisperer..." My mom is the same way!

    Hope you're having a great week!


  9. Was doing my daily blog reads and saw your hubby on this girl's giveaway post :) Thought you'd be happy to see it!


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