Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 3- Photo Challenge

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Confession- Survivor is not my favorite show. I love it and think it is amazing but my absolute favorite show is Law and Order. Then I would have to go with Friday Night Lights, Dexter, Prison Break, Lost, and any SEC football game. I am also a HUGE Amazing Race fan. But.... my favorite cast of all time??? That would be my cast of course! These people are beyond amazing and heck one of them is my hubby!!! 

I am still very close with several people from my cast and I feel like they have been a HUGE blessing in my life. I saw Leslie and her daughters on Super Bowl Sunday. Leslie is such an AMAZING woman with such an amazing faith. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about this lady!! 

A few weeks before that Harper and I made our way to visit with Sherea in Atlanta!! She is so much fun and always let's us crash at her place. I love Sherea and I am so thankful to call her my friend. 

The week before that we got the most amazing package in the mail from sweet Aunt Courtney and lets just say she spoils Harper rotten. I think the package was supposed to be here for Christmas but Amazon accidently sent Harper a Justin Bieber shirt instead. His "real" gift is sooo adorable. He is by far the cutest shark I have ever seen! 

Todd is so thoughtful and checks in on all of us all of the time. You can always count on Todd to send you a random sweet text message that just brightens the whole day. And Uncle Todd got Harper the cutest outfit in the history of children's clothing. It consists of Diesel jeans, a matching Diesel shirt and red Diesel high tops. Talk about cute! The kid has nicer jeans then me!  

And we love our sweet Peih-Gee and Frosti! I really wish I was able to see these two more often. Luckily the last time I was in LA, I managed to meet up with Peih-Gee! Love these guys.



  1. aww jaime! china is the best season ever!
    Really a life time experience and now you have such a nice friends!

  2. I love that so many of you have kept in touch! I always wonder what happened after the show with all the rivalries that go on, it seems like it could be hard to still like people after being voted off etc.

  3. I love you right back, Jaime Huffman! xxoo "Mama Leslie"

  4. Great blog and photos! Your cast was one of the best EVER! :)


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