Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hysterical... enough said.

My new obsession??? Downloading applications for my new DroidX. Came across this video for an AMAZING app for the iPhone. I think it is HYSTERICAL!!! If you have an iPhone, you pretty much need this.

What are your favorite iPhone and Droid applications? Help me out folks.



  1. LOL!! Too funny! Have a great day and thanks for the laugh! We're bracing for a HUGE snow storm - the 1st of 2 is underway!


  2. Other than the usuals (Facebook, Echofon for Twitter) I like Urbanspoon, Pogo Games, Talking Tom (cat version of talking carl), Amazon, Flood-it (game), falldown (game), lineup (game), guitarchords (if you play the guitar - shows you what different chords look like by a tab-style picture), fandango (movie theaters and times), shutterfly (you can upload pics you took on your phone directly to shutterfly with this one!), local concerts (alerts you to any concerts for artists that are in your itunes on your phone, or you can just look at a list for concerts within a certain number of miles from home), remote (which I think is only for iphone/itunes), shazam (hear a new song on the radio and tag it on shazam to get the name and artist), ESPN scorecenter, flashlight, the weather channel app, and IMDB.

    Oof, sorry such a long list, but if it helps...I've never paid for an app! :)

  3. this definitely just made my day! thank you for sharing! i love finding fun new apps for my phone!

  4. Angry birds, evernote, Pandora, smart keyboard pro (it replaces your Droid keyboard so you may not like it), seesmic (twitter), kindle are some of the ones I use.


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