Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dapper Decor

I love femine decor. I would do my entire house in Victorian, shabby chic, and vintage designs. But now that I have a lake house to decorate, I am thinking about going for a more beach cottage look. Here are several photos I found online. These rooms are gorgeous!

I love the white furniture and the pink decor that seems to pop on top on the white!
I think the antique claw tubs are adorable. I really like the curtains that wrap around the top of the tub.
This is a really cute idea for a desk space.

Where can I find these slipcovers!??!!

I love the light green cupboard in the background. I really love the pink flowers with the green furniture. It adds a great touch of color.

Such a cute idea for a guest bedroom. I love these beds with the storage underneath. I wonder where they are from. They look "Pottery Barnish." The bright pink dresser is a great focal point in the room and the fun carpet seems to pull everything together!

I love the blue linen slipcovers and the wicker table! Cute!!


  1. umm I want to live in all of these pictures

  2. They have those types beds at most IKEA stores


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