Friday, March 19, 2010

Everyone loves a Bargain!

I discovered an awesome new magazine while I was at Lowe's yesterday! It is called "Flea Market Style" and I am very impressed with it's content. It was a little pricey for a magazine, $9.99 for the issue, but I realized that the extra few dollars was well worth it because it had a ton of content and a small amount of ads. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you buy a magazine and it is 70% advertisements.

There were tons of awesome projects and creative ways to turn flea market finds into amazing pieces of art and decor. I am a big fan of finding cool antique/vintage items at the flea market and turning them into treasures.On page 89 you can see a beautiful cabinet that they painted a lovely shade of ocean green. They made the piece looked aged and it could really be a center piece of any living area.

In order to get the look they achieved you need:
*latex paint
*tap water
*bristle paint brushes
*cotton rags
*a bucket
*a standing fan

They directions said you should:
Step A- dilute the paint with tap water. Pour equal amount of paint and water into a separate bucket.
Step B- Brush the paint on the item using a bristle brush. Wipe much of it with a dry rag, leaving only a sheer coat of color.
Step C- Throughly dry the item using a fan if possible. Repeat second step and drying process as often as necessary until desired color is reached.

I guarantee you will want to try this project out. Check out the piece in the Summer 2010 issue.

I came across their blog online and it is GREAT! Check it out here!

The Nashville flea market is next weekend and I am pretty excited about it! I really want to find a cute cabinet to hold my china. If I find one, I am going to try to paint it using the directions above! Lets hope I get lucky.

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  1. ooh thats what I did! I got a server from an antique place and then painted it bright turquoise! I love it :)


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