Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Winners Announced!

I hope you all had a fantastic Father's Day weekend. Erik was out of town for most of the weekend. His old band Florez played at a wedding in Michigan. They had a blast but we sure did miss him. 

Speaking of missing my hubby... I want to take a second to vent. Years ago, Erik lived in NYC when he was modeling with FORD. I still worked and lived in Nashville, TN. We were married at the time. It was really tough not seeing him for weeks at a time. Apparently during that time I posted something on my Facebook page that stated how I missed him and that I couldn't wait to see him. I don't remember this exact post but I am sure it happened. If you love your husband and he lives in a different state, I really hope any wife would miss them. Apparently that statement offended someone because their husband was in the military and they didn't think I was being sensitive to the wives with husbands deployed. I am sorry but that completely baffles my mind. Anyone can miss someone, it doesn't matter who they are or where they are. If you love someone you are entitled to miss them regardless of their situation. Shoot, I miss Erik when he is working all day and if I want to post on my Facebook wall, "I miss Erik, I can't wait to see him tonight" then I can. And that statement shouldn't offend ANYONE. I think it is very admirable to be a military wife and honestly I would have a really hard time if my hubby was deployed. I am sure I would miss him and be scared to death. But I would still understand and appreciate the fact that other wives miss their husbands even if they are gone for a single day. With that being said, people really need to stop looking into and dissecting each other's posts on Facebook and they need to worry about their lives rather than everyone else. Personally, I think if you have an issue with someone's posts on Facebook then you should remove them from your friend list. It just makes you look caddy if you go around and complain about other people's Facebook statuses to folks. 

This week Erik is in Austin, TX and guess what.... I miss him! I haven't had a chance to visit Austin but I hear it is an incredible city. Next time I want to go with Erik.

AND now for the good stuff! The winner of the TieTry giveaway is:

Kim S. Beaty! 

AND the winner of the Southern Tide swim trunks giveaway is:

Sandi H.

Please e-mail me at to claim your prize. CONGRATS!!!

And tomorrow I am giving away my absolute favorite iPhone case from Red Tile Studio! You are going to LOVE it! Pretty much the cutest Etsy store EVER! 


  1. Well stated, Jaime! Amen!

  2. I completely agree with you Jaime! I could not imagine being a military wife or have a husband that travels a lot with work...I missed my hubby so badly Monday night just bc he was at work and then had the County meeting until very very late that night. I was going nuts. But, I don't think it is a dis at others just bc I missed my husband terribly bad and he was only gone a day. I respect those whose husbands travel for work but does that mean that 5 oclock can't come soon enough for us each day. Ppl don't need to take facebook so seriously.

  3. My bf lives in NYC and I miss him all the time! I couldn't even imagine going through what military wives go through but everyone is entitled to miss someone they love!

  4. That is ridiculous that someone would be offended by that. They should just delete probably everyone who doesn't have a husband in the military, but then I'm sure they 'd still find something to complain about! It's wonderful that you miss your husband if he's just at work. I envy that! :)


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