Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Quick Trip

We made a quick trip to Charleston over the weekend. Every time I go there, I want to stay! It is such a beautiful city. I love everything about it (except the road construction work, I swear they are always working on a main road when I am in town). We made our way to Poe's for lunch. A Charleston trip isn't complete without a trip to Poe's for burgers and tuna tacos. We took Harper to the beach. That kid is a water baby. He has no fear. He wanted to run right into the waves. My sweet sister came along on the trip. She is such a huge help with the little man! Harper loves his Auntie Jenna!

Jenna & Harper

On Sunday we had a photo shoot on a gorgeous boat. I was the photographer and Erik was one of the models. It was an absolute blast! The weather was perfect and the boys managed to catch two massive red fish. Then we hit up Isle of Palms for dinner and ice cream. We went to the public beach before dinner but it was gross! There was liter all over the beach and the crowd was pretty rough. People were straight up smoking pot on the beach at 7:30PM with hundreds of babies and children around. It was really sad to see the beach like this. It used to be so nice. I'm not sure what happened to that area. Has any one else noticed this problem? 

Harper and Erik

I want to head down to Charleston again this coming weekend. My friend Brooke has a bridal shower in Charleston and my other friend Sarah has a baby shower in Columbia. I'm trying to coordinate a trip so I can make it to both of them. Fingers crossed I can figure it out!

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  1. Looks like a good time! I want to visit there so bad! :)


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