Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three Little Blessings!

I wanted to introduce you to Harper's sweet friends. The Boland triplets are as cute as can be! They were born at 27 weeks and it is absolutely incredible to see how well they are doing now. Charlie and Harper didn't miss a beat. They crawled around after each other and tried to get into things for most of the afternoon. And of course Harper loved both of the sweet girls. Do I detect a future girlfriend? The Boland's journey has been so inspiring. You can check it out on Lucy's blog HERE.  She is one strong and loving mama. And Ben is a fantastic father. What a beautiful family! Here are some photos from a play date last month:



  1. So smiley! Gives you the warm fuzzies looking at them play :)

  2. They are just so cute! I've been following Lucy's blog and it truly is a blessing that they are doing so well today!!

  3. PS. Harper is getting so big and is as cute as can be!


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