Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let it Out!

Do you all feel like it is hard to share exactly what you are thinking or what you are feeling on your blog? The other day I had a realization... I censor 99 percent of the things I would like to say on my blog. I get nervous whenever I start typing up a post. "Will this offend someone? Will this person know I am talking about them? Will this person misinterpret what I write?" And then I end up doing the same ol' same ol.'

It goes like this-
#1) post a cute photo of Harper
#2) Find a few good deals and share them with readers
#3) make my post as "P-G" as possible.

And just like that my blog becomes super cliche and somewhat impersonal. But what exactly is "appropriate" to share? What are your thoughts on the matter? Does anyone have any words of wisdom to go by? Should we just let it all out? Or should we continue on with the "fluff" (as my old professor would say.) I would love to hear your thoughts! 

(And no, I am not just talking about venting when something upsets you. I am talking about discussing more in-depth ideas and subjects. i.e. religion, diet, feelings, relationships, past relationships, lessons learned, trying times...and so on and so forth)

And of course, I will leave you with a photo:



  1. What is the point of keeping a "personal" blog, if you aren't being honest with yourself on it? This space is all YOU, so you should say anything and everything you want to say; afterall, if you can't discuss those things here, where can you??
    Just my thoughts :)

  2. OH I LOVE THAT PHOTO. Girl if you have been reading mine, you will see I say WHAT I FEEL. Whatever I'm thinking about at the moment...whether it is past or present. SAY IT GIRL. I have gotten so annoyed reading some folks blogs bc it is just like oh look what i bought today or look at my outfit for the weekend. I'm like...please...this is silly. You can't worry about others because at the end of the is YOUR blog and they don't have to read it if they don't want to.

  3. You are so right. I wrote a post recently about finding myself and dealing with my imperfections. I nervously read and reread the post 20 times before ultimately hitting 'post'. I got so many wonderful responses and I can only take that to mean that people do want the real us. They do want to know about the less than perfect dealings in our lives. We want to know we're not alone and that the rest of the women in the blogosphere are not perfect all the time. I say let it out, show us the real you!

  4. I agree with Miss Madonna...when I first started my blog I struggled with how much personal info to give. I still try to be "careful" (i.e. not sharing last names, giving "nicknames" if I feel I'm saying something negative about a person, etc.)...but again, what's the point of having a personal blog if you're not going to share the true "you"? :)

  5. your little guy is precious. seriously. i would post photos of him all the time, too!

    i think with blogs that as your life and priorities change and evolve so does your blog. i find that i'm not always comfortable talking about things like politics, religion, real life controversial things because my blog is my happy place - and i don't necessarily want people being negative at me on my happy place.

    i know this isn't really great advice - but i think maybe weigh what you want to get out of your blog... do you want it to be your happy place or your thought provoking place? let that decision take you (and your posts!) where you need to go!

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  6. I feel the same as you. I am pretty much a private person and I don't like to stir up drama or controversy, but there are definitely times when I am so mad I could spit bullets, or sad, or disappointed, or confused, and I think it would be nice to vent and put all my thoughts in to works. I never want to seem like a complainer though...or unintentionally disregard someones beliefs and feelings. So...I usually just stick with the basic update and pictures.That's safe right?
    Anyway...I think if you need to say something or ask a question you should just do it, but definitely know where you are coming from.

  7. Im so loving this post because most of the times I find myself using the backspace thinking that I should word it in a nicer way. Reading some of these comments have helped because it made me realize that if I do not type what Im really thinking in the way Im thinking it I am altering me and it is my blog so if it isnt for you dont follow. Whew How is that! HaHa Great Post!

  8. O I totally forgot to tell you in the last comment but Yesterday I awarded your blog an Award so go check it out girl!

  9. I censor myself A LOT. I have family members who read it and people I know who read it (but for some reason, don't follow me) and I am terrified that I will hurt someone's feelings or worse regret what I wrote while in a tiff. What I put out there I cannot take back. I choose to keep my blog light and fun and a little personal. I try not to be a critical and judgmental or even negative person in my daily life so why would I choose to portray myself in that light in blog-world? I write to give insight, but not into my vented frustrations. Do what feels right for you!

  10. Let it out!! :) Have you ever watched Top Gear? The British version, not the american one. It's a car show and I don't know that much about cars, but this is one of THE most entertaining shows EVER! and you can ask anyone who watches it and they'll say the same, girl or guy! and the reason is because the presenters gives their honest opinion and tells you if they hate someone or how much they love it and that's what makes this show such a huge success, is because they are totally honest and let it all out! Seriously, just watch this show and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's on BBC America, some weeknights at 7 or 8pm :)

  11. I think you should post whatever you want! I read people's blogs not only to find out what is going on in their life but also to hear their opinions (Even if they aren't the same as mine!) Harper is adorable though and I love seeing pictures of your family! Miss you girl!

  12. Girl, you post whatever you want to! If someone doesnt like what you have to say, they can go on to the next page. Be just who you are- because you are fabulous! Hope all is well with you guys! I cant believe how big Harper has gotten!! -Cassey :)


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