Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby's First Easter

Harper had a wonderful first Easter!! We were so blessed to spend it with our good friends. Travis, Becca, baby Ella, and Mimi came to visit from Nashville. We had such a nice time visiting with them! We went to church on Sunday morning, had a delicious brunch, then had a blast showing Harper his first Easter basket.

He crawled straight for the basket, grabbed the carrot Reeses bag and started swinging it around his head. Then he went for the Easter eggs and chucked them across the blanket. It was adorable. Here are some photos from the day:



  1. What a happy baby. So sweet.

    Love your dress, by the way.

  2. What a perfect day! Such cute pictures, can't wait till my lil peanut(s) are here for next Easter.

  3. Beautiful pictures... thanks for sharing! So glad your Easter weekend turned out well, considering all things! Looks like everyone had a good time... even Fender :)


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