Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Southern Tide Photo Shoot!

So yesterday I accompanied Erik on his Southern Tide photo shoot. Best part, it was shot in Charleston, SC on 130 foot yacht. Not a bad gig right!? Now I have been on several yachts before but nothing quite like this. It was HUGE! And absolutely unbelievable inside. Think MTV cribs but on a boat. I felt like we were on a Jay-Z shoot haha! I was waiting for him to pop out and start filming a music video. 

This particular yacht was custom-made and the owner's bought out the design/blueprints... so it is the only one of its kind in the entire world. It was so huge, it took three photos to capture. I am pretty sure it costs over $40,000 just to fill it up with gas... now that is CRAZY! 

Times like these are when I am very thankful my husband is so darn pretty! HEHE! 

We had a blast and the Southern Tide folks were amazing!! For those of you who are not familiar with Southern Tide clothing, you HAVE to check them out. Think Vineyard Vines but a little more refined. They have a more precise fit and their polos are more flattering on my figure. They are nice, bright, and southern!!! What more could you ask for!? 

I saw this quote and it cracked me up!! 

So now I am off to buy a Powerball ticket in hopes I can buy my own yacht. But if I buy one, its not sitting anchored at the dock all day. I am sailing that sucker around the world. Don't worry friends and family, it has about 6 guest bedrooms... so you can come with! 


  1. I mean, I wish I could wear nice clothes, stand around on yachts and make money!! Curl has the life!

  2. you look so beautiful! Take Care and of course hope you can win the powerball, ha...ha...

  3. Beautiful!

    I have had that quote on my mirror for about 10 years now :O) It is one of my faves!

  4. great pics! We love Southern Tide. Out of Vineyard Vines, Polos, Coast and Southern Tide ... the hubs has pronounced Southern Tide as the absolute best polo ever.Such a great local company!

  5. I'm checking out their website right now.

    You and your hubby are adorable!

  6. How cute. Of course the last photo is my favorite. I'm going to go check out their website. Maybe my mister would like to wear something from Southern Tide. :)

  7. Ummmm JEALOUS! :)
    How've you been?! Hope you're feeling good.

  8. Wow that yacht is fabulous! Great pics, the sky is so pretty in the last one - and you 2 of course as well :)

  9. wow! pretty yacht. I don't know our boat might have it :) I need to get some Southern tide polos, i love the logo! im glad yall got to go on the yacht together, the pics turned out great


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