Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Father's Day Ideas!

So every year I try to think of something original to get my dad for Father's Day. And every year I fail and get him a polo! But he always seems to be happy with his new polos... and the man owns everything! I think we have bought him every golf accessory known to man. So as usual, I am thinking about getting him another polo.

After seeing the Southern Tide polos on Erik this past weekend, I have a few favorite colors in mind. We got him a ST red polo for Christmas and he said he loves it. So I am thinking about something a little more bright and fun.

These are some of my favorites from their website:

This is the meridian stripe/conch shell pattern sport shirt. A little dressier that just a polo but you can make it more casual by rolling up the sleeves. My dad has very similar coloring as Erik and I think this pinkish color looks great with tan skin and brown hair.

This is the Moultrie Check/Port Royal Pattern Sport Shirt. I love this purple!

And here are the casual polos that I like. Which one is your favorite color? I think the Nautical Blue is the most versatile and probably the one my dad would wear the most. But I kind of want to get him a fun, vibrant color.

Bermuda Stripe Polo: 

Off-Shore Green Polo:

Here is the Persimmon Polo with seersucker trim. I really like the seersucker trim on this one!

Help me out! Which one should I get for my dad?! 


  1. I would get him the Moultrie Check one. I know my dad would love that one too. :)

  2. Well, I love the Meridian Stripe and the Moultrie Check. I know my mister would love those as he could wear them to work or out for a night on the town. They can be dressed up or dressed down.

    I also like the navy/white polo.

    Every year I struggle with what to buy my dad, too. It's so hard because he buys whatever the wants/needs. Last year, I got him a variety of beers (12 packs) and gift certificates to the local car wash. He loved it. But what about this year? Perhaps that navy polo. Thanks for the ideas.

    Have a great day!

  3. I don't know your dad but I think the nautical blue/white polo is great for a dad!! I might even get one for mine!! Thanks for the ideas girl! :)

  4. I do the same thing! I always have high hopes of thinking of some clever and useful gift but alas, I always end up going the shirt route. I have a double wammie because his birthday is also in June!

    I really like the Off-Shore green ones and the persimmon with seersucker trim! Those are both so summery and with your dad's hair color and skin tones, those would both be so great! Make him push the envelope a little and step outside of his comfort zone. He's bound to love any of them though.

  5. The purple button up and the turquiose polo would have to be my favs ;) Aaah, I just love Southern Tide!

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