Monday, April 12, 2010

Lilly Love!

Today’s Spring Essential:

What accessory does every girl need in the spring? Headbands! I am a HUGE fan of headbands. They make my life easier. I am blessed and cursed with baby fine, board-straight hair. It is nearly impossible to curl and it never looks voluminous. If it gets too long it looks scraggly. But the one good thing about it is that I can let it air dry after a shower, and it dries straight as an arrow. No blow dryer, no hair straightner needed. But sometimes when I am really lazy, I don’t even brush my hair. And that is when my headband comes in handy. Throw it on and voila, instant hair-fix. A headband is great for ladies with fine hair because it pushes your bangs and hair back off you face and makes it look more voluminous.

I asked my husband if he would add some input to this blog entry. He said, “Sure, what is it about?” When I responded with “Headbands!” he looked at me like I was a crazy woman and exclaimed, “Now how the heck am I supposed to help you with that?!” I laughed and he added, “I had a Puma headband once, it looked good with my curly hair. That is all I got!” HAHA!

Well today I came across an awesome Etsy store. It is called, “Looking for Lilly” Check it out here! She sells handmade headbands made with Lilly Pulitzer fabric. I love them!!! The 2-inch headbands are only $14.95 and the one-inch are only $7.95. They are fantastic. I couldn’t resist and I ordered two! I think these fun, girly, bright Lilly patterns are perfect for the spring! She also carries several other handmade items that are made from Lilly fabric!!

And if you are looking for a simple, easy, and cheap place to find great headbands, check out your local Forever 21. I always find really cute ones there!!

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