Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fender Bender Huffman

Erik and I have the most precious pup. His name is Fender (after Erik's bass guitar.) And he is a Mini Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherds have several different marking patterns and Fender is considered a Red Merle. 

He is the man. Fender is very lovable and enjoys playing all day long. He will actually run laps around the backyard for hours. He is EXTREMELY smart, loving, affectionate, and fun. We have had a great time teaching him tricks and watching him grow over the past few months.  Here are some photos of Fender as he has matured over the last six months. My little guy is growing up so fast!

Fender 3 weeks

Fender 4 weeks

Fender 6 weeks

Fender 8 weeks

Fender 2.5 months

Fender 3 months

Fender- 6 months old


  1. Man, we have the most beautiful dog ever. I miss that guy right now.. I bet he is running laps around my parents' house, jumping on and off the ottoman, and begging my dad for human food.

  2. I have a full size Aussie & searching for blogs with other Aussie owners led me to yours.

    Fender is adorable! Makes me want a mini!


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