Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Harper,

Dear Harper,

You light up my life. Every day you manage to do something that amazes me. You are the most independent, intelligent, and strong-willed baby boy I have ever come across. If you want something, you figure out how to get it. It is pretty incredible really. You can climb on top of the dining room table and place yourself in your seat. You can get up the rock wall on the swing set and put yourself down the slide. You have figured out how to hold your little tee ball bat properly and already have a great swing. You open the kitchen pantry, grab your treat of choice, open the box, and feed yourself. You really love Girl Scout cookies but who can blame you? (Your mama was a girl scout for 10 years.)

Every morning you wake up and I go grab you out of your crib. You reach up at me and smile with those incredibly adorable dimples and my heart just melts. I bring you into our room and we cuddle up and watch a "movie." Yes, any time you see a television you point, smile, and say "movie" over and over until we turn on a cartoon. And you can't be fooled... if we dare put on a show that we want to watch you know the difference and grab the remote and try to change it yourself.

Watching you grow up is so rewarding but I wish it would slow down a bit. You still have your sweet, quiet, and cuddly moments but for the most part you want to go, go, go! You have so much energy! If I sit you down at the park you usually want to run as fast as you can down hills and in the opposite direction I am going.

It is fun seeing parts of me and parts of your daddy in your appearance and personality. Most people say you have my big eyes and button nose and you have your father's beautiful curly hair, olive skin, and perfect lips. We both have dimples and you definitely have them too. You are stubborn and determined like your mama and you are observant and analytical like your dada. You love to figure out how things work and fit together. Nana bought you a toy that is a little farm with blocks. Each block fits into a different slot. The toy was meant for kids 3 and up but it is your absolute favorite. You will sit and figure out which slot each piece fits into. When you get stuck on a piece (usually the octagon) you let out a screech and try to force it in the hole. Your face turns bright red and I can't help but laugh.

You, my sweet child, have changed me for the better. I used to get caught up in the thoughts of having a great corporate job, a big house, and a fancy car but now I just want to figure out how I can spend as much time as possible with you. I don't care about the fancy job title or the wraparound porch and rather than a Porsche, I hope for a minivan. Yes, I said it. I want a minivan! I want one with automatic doors and a DVD player. Since your arrival I have turned into a big sensitive cry baby. I don't know what has come over me but I can't help but cry all of the time. Every time I think about sending you to full time daycare I cry, cry, cry! When I think about your first day of kindergarden I am an emotional wreck. If something happens to a little boy in a movie, I absolutely loose it. Hopefully I get over this cry fest soon. I don't want to be the sappy mom that embarrasses you all of the time.

Harper Michael Huffman, I love you more than your will ever know. I am so blessed to have you as my son. I love you with all of my heart and I am so proud to be your mama.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Love always,


  1. He's so cute! Such a sweet post to him :)

  2. Awww!! I remember when you were writing posts while you were pregnant. Now your little guy is growin up so fast!

  3. Jaime, what a beautiful letter to precious little Harper! You truly captured the essence of what it means to be a mother... I could totally identify with every emotion you described, tears and all :) And that quote at the end? It really grabbed at my heart too! Thanks for sharing your deep feelings with the rest of us! Love you!!!

  4. I am sitting here crying my eyes out over this. You and Eric are so so special. I can't wait to be close to y'all again!!!

  5. I'm so glad you feel that way as do I. Whit has changed my life forever. I dreamed of being teacher of the year within the first five years of teaching and buying a mansion in our local town and driving an escalade. However, I love that I quit my job and stay home with my baby and that we will live in our home for longer before we ever get another home which will not be a mansion and I too dream of a mini-van : )

  6. the greatest commandment in the Bible is to love
    our flesh desire's this world but our souls are made to love in contentment with the blessings He has provided.
    sweet post.
    Our daughter is 8 and I'm still a sap-

  7. This is such a sweet sweet post! I feel the same way!!! My son is everything to me!!!


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