Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Affordable Spring Style

I found a bunch of INCREDIBLY cute outfits on Pinterest. The only problem is my "must have" items end up costing way too much. Last night I pinned a pair of shorts, after a little research I found them on sale for $499! So I decided to do an entire blog post on cute spring clothing and accessories that will fit in anyone's budget! Here are a few of my favorite affordable items:

Find these adorable red shorts HERE! Only $15.80

You can find this bright and cheery tote HERE! It is $26.80

Check out these super cute Rock and Republic heels! Only $48.99

I love this adorable neon bathing suit. It is only $14.99 per piece.

I just love this fun and unique bracelet! Only $65! 

Love this color combination. This dress is a steal at $68.99!


  1. Jaime, I think you need to start your own business as a "personal shopper"... I love all your suggestions, and these are perfect for some spring shopping :)

  2. is it sad that i could name where each of these peices except one came from without peaking at the link? too much online browsing for this girl! haha

  3. I am loving this post and I love any kid of deal or bargain. I am def going to have to get a few of these and I love the great prices. Like you I have noticed my favorite spring things on pinterest are way more than I can or want to pay for them so this is great.
    BTW I look foward to more of these posts, HaHa


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